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by:J&T     2020-04-02
The working principle of metering pump, metering pump motor rotation drive worm rotation. Through the worm mechanism and the effect of eccentric gear, get the reciprocating movement of the connecting rod. Connecting rod moves the pistons, piston moves back and forth in the metering pump the studio. When the piston moves to the left, in the form of vacuum water pump cavity, open the suction valve, close the discharge valve, the liquid enters the pump chamber; When the piston to the right, close the suction valve, open the discharge valve, the discharge valve to discharge the liquid. Metering water pump: also called quantitative pump and proportional pump, reciprocating pump is a kind of can adjust flow, the flow rate can be adjusted within 0%. Its characteristic is in regulating flow, can maintain a constant discharge pressure. Metering pump is widely used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial fields. The previous: summary of long shaft submerged water pump next article: horizontal stainless steel chemical pump characteristics
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