With fluorine plastic pump parts in the impeller and pump casing measurement method

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Fluorine plastic pump is now in the chemical production of corrosive liquid such as hydrofluoric acid, alkali, organic solvents, such as delivery is very applicable, but after using for a long time, the parts need to change, don't know fluoride plastic pump after-sales reputation of the original manufacturer or manufacturer is poor, components are expensive and peeling nameplate cannot discern pump type, there is no standard size, you will need to measure method, so choose a reliable quality, reputation and reliable manufacturer of pump is especially important, anhui gold water pump valve in line with quality assurance, service, warm and thoughtful accessories cost price sale, by new and old customers praise and affirmation. The fluorine plastic pump impeller and the water pump shell of main components of measurement method is what, what part need to measure accurately know the required size? Measurement of surveying and mapping is based on the physical, by measuring, map the physical design process. Surveying and mapping in the centrifugal pump, it's not difficult to other parts of surveying and mapping. But the core parts of impeller and the pump shell relative to other parts of surveying and mapping has the certain difficulty, because of the pump hydraulic components is mainly composed of surface, surface is made up of curve, the data can not meet the requirements of surveying and mapping, can be dealt with through mathematics curve to make it smooth and smooth. Here are two kinds of surveying and mapping method of impeller and pump casing. One, the pump shell ( Volute) Its basic size, is also the first measurement, flange, the nozzle and outlet center distance, stop mouth diameter and depth, etc. Find the center of the seam allowance, according to the point of several equal cross section, is commonly 8, respectively measuring lumen to the center distance, such as the different cross section thickness, but should also measure the outer wall to the center distance, take respectively, then a smooth curve is used; To measure the size of the inner cavity can draw a complete volute, this method, simple operation, low cost, short cycle, but the measuring error is larger, and the need to measure personnel have rich experience of surveying and mapping. Second, the impeller, can destroy the structure of the impeller in case we can car impeller cover plate, then measured, it is very simple, only here introduces a closed impeller with little damage to the impeller structure mapping method. 1, first, import diameter measurement of impeller diameter, hub and other basic size, one to one on the paper draw the impeller diameter, marking a good circle, draw a line, such as Angle generally take 10 degrees. In the actual surveying and mapping is more, such as chord length and outer JingQu stipple rays, in the later drawing again according to the perspective of annotation, so easier to operate. 2, measure the blade Angle, start with an inlet, to measure the blade working surface and back with the rays of the intersection point to the center distance, not to test in a part of the general use stretch into a thin wire along the direction of diameter measurement, can also use depth gauge, but easy to operate without the former. General measure 10 - 15 points, depends on the actual situation, and then connect these points with smooth curve, not straight blade when measuring several sections, so you can try to draw the leaf water. When no accurate model and manufacturer information, standards of measurement of surveying and mapping out the drawings, indicate the size is necessary, so when choosing to buy pump, not only consider the price, also because of considering the manufacturer's credibility.
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