Why some manufacturer of centrifugal pump prices so low, why?

by:J&T     2020-06-20
A, material: the formal manufacturers will be in accordance with national and industry standards to equipped with corresponding material components. Such as type D multistage centrifugal pump, according to the national standard, there are some parts in the cast iron pump is to use HT250 cast iron, rather than HT200, some parts with a secrete cold cast iron, some type of balance disc with nodular cast iron, some conditions the gimbal ring with copper, some models collar to use stainless steel. Some manufacturers even with fake materials, materials of fake is particularly common in the field of stainless steel centrifugal pump. Stainless steel material according to the standard grade to comparison, some manufacturers are likely to do in casting part is false. To reduce the content of some valuable elements in order to achieve the purpose of cost reduction. Second, casting quality: a lot of small and medium-sized manufacturers for casting blank, general is to check the appearance, sand holes, porosity, crack, impurity detection, procedural execution is not strict, also lack of technology. This link for manufacturers and increase of the cost of the link, and casting by centrifugal water pump manufacturers between mechanism of good faith. This is the role of market competition mechanism, virtually can reduce the cost of the enterprise. 3. Centrifugal pump casting aging treatment: centrifugal pump castings cast out, the inner stress of castings to inspect materials, will have different length of aging treatment time. Is generally placed in the outdoor weathered for a long time. The truth is a lot of manufacturers to grabbed eager a single, vibration is used to deal with stress. This way, of course, is not completely get rid of stress, so also caused certain effect to the stable quality of the pump. Third, the precision of the centrifugal water pump is divided into two aspects of machining precision and assembly precision. parts machining accuracy to control within a few silk. Is the actual control of the machining accuracy many manufacturers and no set of strict quality control system. Also do not have the corresponding equipment to ensure the machining accuracy. Fourth, the appearance quality of the centrifugal water pump 1. Appearance. Many: technology, grinding, pickling passivation, electroplating, different cost. Anhui golden sand pump valve adopts pure manual hand polished, painted anticorrosive paint and other fine craftsmanship. 2). Mould and casting process: general block casting out definitely can not compare with the effect of die and mold, and other advanced casting process. Advanced casting process on the one hand will raise to adopt the new mould cost, on the other hand due to reduce the cost of the appearance of processing and has certain advantages. 3. Paint craft: the seemingly simple paint process, the actual article is great inside to do, paint do well, can put the appearance of the product to promote the class several, nature price also can have more room for improvement. Five, product packaging and enterprise and brand image of the same products, packaging, factory and the brand is different, the sense that gives a person is very different. Anhui gold pump valve use wooden cases packing create rich products, image and the brand essence, means that more quality requirements.
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