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by:J&T     2020-04-17
Forced circulation pump, we can see its application in many industries. Caustic soda, phosphate, such as chemical industry, aluminum oxide, calcium chloride, ammonium chloride, sodium chlorate, etc; The food industry, vacuum salt, calcium lactate, sugar, etc. ; And evaporation, concentration, papermaking, cooling of the molten salt, wastewater treatment and other industries, in order to improve the equipment production capacity, improve the heat transfer coefficient of forced circulation heat exchanger. So we are very curious, why forced circulation pump can be used in so many different work conditions? Due to the diversity of forced circulation pump flow components materials, is the main flow components of pump body, impeller, back cover, shaft seal box, bushings, shaft protective sleeve, throttling ring cover, impeller, etc. Main Ci13Ni9Ti over-current parts material is 1, 316 L, ZG20 #, C4 steel, CD4MCu, Monel alloy, HART C or less 276904 L, titanium alloy, heat-resistant wear-resistant materials such as steel, can be used in different working conditions. According to the using condition of the forced circulation pump and the environment, the user can choose the material overflow components. The previous: chemical axial-flow water pump application range: next article non-clog pulp pump
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