Why chemical pump motor vibration, vibration can cause what harm?

by:J&T     2020-06-26
Chemical water pump is commonly used in the production of industrial pumps, most used motor drive, motor vibration occurred during operation process, what is the impact of the first know what motor vibration reason? Normally, not more than 8 extremely large number of motor for motor manufacturing quality problem caused by vibration. Vibration is common in 2 & ndash; — 6 pole motor. The rotating machine vibration limit and test method stipulated in the center of the rigid base on different high motor vibration limit, measurement methods and criteria to judge the rigid foundation, according to this standard can be judged whether the motor up to the standard. A, how to find the motor vibration reason 1, before the motor did not stop, with vibration table to check each vibration, the vibration of the larger parts according to the detailed test to three directions perpendicular to the horizontal axis vibration value, if it is loose bolts or bearing end cover screw loosening, can directly to tighten, tighten again after the vibration measurement size, observe whether there is to eliminate or reduce, secondly to check whether balanced three-phase voltage, three-phase fuse burn out phenomenon, the single phase operation can not only cause vibration of motor, still can make the motor temperature rise quickly, observe whether ammeter pointer is swinging back and forth, the rotor broken bar in current oscillation phenomenon, checks whether motor three phase current balance and found that the problem timely contact operators to stop the motor running, so as to avoid burning the motor. 2, if after the surface treatment, motor vibration is unresolved, continued to disconnect the power supply, loose coupling, the motor is connected with the load of mechanical separation, single motor. If you don't vibration motor itself, explain the source of vibration is caused by the coupling is not find or load machine, if the motor vibration, then there is something wrong with the motor itself, it also can take power method to distinguish is electrical, or mechanical reasons, when a power outage moment, motor vibration or vibration reducing immediately, then is electrical reason, otherwise is a mechanical failure. Second, the vibration reason mainly has three conditions: electromagnetic reasons; Mechanical reasons; Electrical and mechanical mixing reasons. 一个。 Motor mixed reason 1, vibration is often the air gap uneven, cause unilateral electromagnetic force, and unilateral magnetic force gets gap increases further, the electrical and mechanical mixing action of motor vibration. 2, motor axial string, due to the gravity or installation level and magnetic rotor center right, caused by the electromagnetic force, cause the axial series motor, motor vibration caused by increased, severe cases occur shaft grinding root, make the bearing temperature rise rapidly. There is something wrong with associated with motor gear, shaft coupling. This fault mainly for gear wheels, tooth wear, and poor lubrication of wheel, coupling askew, dislocation, gear coupling tooth shape, tooth pitch, clearance is too large, or wear serious, will cause the vibration of a certain. Motor itself the defects of structure and installation problems. This fault mainly for journal ellipse, shaft bending, between shaft and bearing clearance is too large or too small, bearing, base plate, a part of the foundation and the whole motor installed base stiffness is insufficient, between motor and the base plate fixed not firm, foot bolt looseness, loose between bearing seat and the base plate, etc. And between shaft and bearing clearance is too large or too small can not only cause vibration also can make the bearing lubrication and abnormal temperature. 3, vibration motor load conduction, B. Electromagnetic reasons 1, power supply: three-phase voltage imbalance, lack of three-phase motor phase operation. 2, stator aspects: oval, eccentric, loosening of stator core; Stator winding wire break, grounding breakdown, turn-to-turn short circuit, connection error, stator three phase current balance. 3, the rotor fault: rotor core ellipse, eccentric, loose. Open welding rotor cage bar and end ring, cage rotor faults, mistakes, winding brush poor contact, etc. C。 Mechanical reasons: 1, the machine itself unbalanced rotor, shaft bending, deformation, slip ring, uneven air gap, the rotor, rotor magnetic center, bearing fault, bad base installation, mechanical strength is not enough, resonance, loose bolts, damage of fan motor. 2, cooperate with coupling aspects: coupling damage, shaft coupling, coupling to find center, mechanical load imbalance, system resonance, etc. Joint part of the shaft system, the centerline is not coincidence, centering is not correct. The causes of the failure is mainly the installation process, on the bad, improper installation. Still have a kind of situation, is some linkage part of the center line in the cold is coincidence, but run after a period of time due to the rotor fulcrum, foundation deformation, such as center line and are destroyed, resulting in vibration. Three, the harm of motor vibration motor to produce vibration, can make the winding insulation and bearing life shorten, affect the normal lubrication of the sliding bearing, vibration motivated insulation gap to expand, make the dust and water invasion, which reduces the insulation resistance and leakage current increase, even to form insulation breakdown accident. In addition, vibration motor, vibration and easy to make the cooler water pipe crack, vibration welding points, at the same time can cause load mechanical damage, reduce the precision of workpiece, can cause all the mechanical parts by vibration fatigue, can make the anchor bolt is loose or break. Motor vibration and can lead to abnormal wear of carbon brush and slip ring, can appear even serious brush fire and burned collector ring, insulation motor will make a big noise, this kind of situation usually also have occurred in the dc motor.
Nowadays, the adoption of water pump in winter cover pump industry is quite common.
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