Why chemical pump and mechanical plate of the car? What role?

by:J&T     2020-06-23
After chemical pump and mechanical parking in a long time, need operation, Lao shifu often first turning, so why turning, turning what role? The so-called & other; Barring & throughout; Is to point to in front of the starting motor, with human or turning gear pump turning laps, driven by a motor is used to determine the load ( Or mechanical transmission parts) If there is a binding and resistance increases, which doesn't make the motor startup damage to the motor load bigger ( The burn out) 。 So, be in commonly stop and start device, will be turning. A, the purpose of turning: 1, the purpose of, in front coil car driving pump and: ( Whether it is a new installation or just repair) by turning to see if they have flexible without jamming, inside have no ring, prevent start timing pump damage or excessive current burning motor. Some large unit is also to warm-up and lubrication before driving, prevent after driving, rotor and the body to produce local overheating, lead to the thermal deformation. 2, machine pump during shutdown turning purpose: just stop unit ( If is a normal parking) , is to prevent thermal deformation. General is to plate to cool for a short period of time. Long-term service units to turning on a regular basis to prevent shaft bending deformation or because of its large medium viscosity causes conveyor equipment pump rotor unsmooth, turning 540 degrees per time. Second, turning water pump and the steps of: 1, the electric car plate turning gear worm gear and worm and gear deceleration will be turning the rotation of the motor output into the rotation of the crank shaft, so as to realize the plate of the car. Want in not before driving, barring push the small piston to the back-end limit position, turning the handle to unlock, turning the handle to set the foreign hood must be pulled pull to turning position, after turning the handle at this time the rotation of the driving pinion along the axial sliding to the limit position, making it and the big gear mesh, start turning machine, turning can be realized; At this time, due to the effect on pressure oil pressure regulating controller and handle cases of discharge port are interlinked, open to ensure contact pressure regulating controller, main motor can't start. Turning gear can be positive and negative two car steering wheel, as long as the manipulation of the handle to position the turning marks can be realized. But must pay attention to, both turning and driving, in advance to start the oil pump motor. 2, manual turning (1) equipment before the start of turning: use F type barring wrench, barring the coupling position in equipment, generally not less than one and a half circle, and then you can start to drive. (2) the backup device turning on a regular basis: because of some equipment flow of medium containing high viscosity or containing dust, will cause the equipment of rotor with viscous and jam phenomenon, so you need to turning on a regular basis. , of course, especially for long-term parking shaft longer equipment in order to prevent the shaft bending must be carried out regularly turning, each plate circle number for an odd number of times of 180 degrees to calibration shaft bending. Three, when turning the pump and safety precautions: in order to ensure the safety of the equipment and the turning, turning to specialize men, when the hand of the unified command to prevent equipment caused by inertia, foot injury accident, etc. Plate of the car must have the specialist supervision start button, after turning people turning, command all staff to stay away from equipment, to be turning people to drive back to the start button in personally start button. Any other personnel shall not be arbitrarily command boot device. Four, machine pump turning system: 1, use the unit to deal with the organic water pump equipment based on the actual situation, classification make sure turning cycle ( Class, daily or weekly) 。 2 every time, barring operation shall not be less than one and a half circle. The device should be exposed parts rotation ( Such as spindle head, coupling, etc. ) Should draw obvious barring tags, and correspond to turning period. Since the launch of 3, for belt interlock machine pump, must guarantee the production and the personal safety under the premise of turning operations. 4, turning pump and records should be established and to record every time after turning turning device of a number, name, barring tag, turning time, barring people, etc.
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