Why centrifugal pump cavitation and cavitation reason is what?

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Centrifugal pump in the operation process, if produce cavitation will affect the normal flow of fluid, the water pump will produce noise and vibration increase, even cause phenomenon of blocks the flow, and makes the pump flow, head and a significant reduction in the efficiency, shorten the service life of the pump, so must be strictly prevent cavitation occurs in the engineering practice, and at the time of the selection of pump engineering and technical personnel, often only consider the capacity and head of the pump, ignoring the cavitation phenomenon produced by many factors, so it is necessary to explore and research, preventing cavitation. From the following examples, the author analyzes the reasons of water pump cavitation occurred and the solutions. A: a vacuum tower operation, the tower reflux pump found angry corrosion in the operation process. Backflow slot in the 6 m platform, pump cavitation allowance of 2. There are about 10 m among 5 m, pipeline and two valves. From the design point of view, should not be the cavitation will happen, but the scene appeared this kind of question, where is the problem? According to the design requirements as long as the effective cavitation allowance is greater than the pump pipeline necessary cavitation allowance 1 ~ 1. 5 m, pump cavitation will happen. But must pump cavitation allowance and flow rate, pump manufacturers to provide data for the required under the rated flow cavitation allowance, if the flow rate increases, necessary cavitation allowance is increased, so the need according to the actual operation situation, from Chad in the performance curve of the actual working conditions of pump cavitation allowance if necessary. Another water pump inlet section of the resistance is calculated according to the actual working condition, the effective cavitation allowance in order to accurately. In order to verify whether cavitation may be produced. To see if the pump inlet pressure enough; inlet temperature is too high; speed is too high: occurs when the cavitation of pump working condition to the operation condition of the pump characteristic curve is allowed if there is a deviation. If the accounting does not produce cavitation, pipe or valve plug can cause a gateway resistance increased, and make the effective cavitation allowance is reduced, which could produce cavitation. 2: the company has two transportation engineering water centrifugal pump, after a year of operation, found that the pump body water seepage, after arrival on the pump shell, honeycomb-like ravines, some say caused by cavitation, but some people think that there is no conforms to produce cavitation condition, won't produce bubbles inside pump, because the input level is much higher than the pump position, mystery, what can cause this to happen. First of all, from & other; The input level position is much higher than the pump & throughout; Is not & other; Not cavitation & throughout; Conclusions. Analysis whether cavitation will see centrifugal pump installation height of liquid, cavitation allowance, temperature, density, the status of the pipeline, compute allows the installation height of the pump. This case allows the installation height of pump should be negative, that is the position of the pump is lower than the input level. If the actual installation height of water pump is greater than the allowed installation height of pump, although the actual installation height is negative, but still can cause cavitation. It is possible that the pump shell quality is bad, or transportation of liquid caused by corrosion. In the practical production operation, but also to strengthen the maintenance of centrifugal pump, the timely replacement of the damaged parts, reduce the damage produced by centrifugal pump cavitation occurred, so as to prolong the service life of pump in use, improving the efficiency of the pump. Staff must be serious and responsible at work, correct installation and use of centrifugal pump, discover the cavitation phenomenon, analysis the reason, take corresponding measures, in order to ensure the continuous of the production, reduce material consumption, save manpower material resources.
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