Why are chemical pump explosion-proof, explosion-proof grade division standard?

by:J&T     2020-06-20
Chemical pump is commonly used in the chemical industry pump, chemical pump why explosion-proof, chemical pump has a metal chemical pump and fluorine plastic chemical water pump, explosion-proof usually refers to the motor in use process will produce sparks, need to use explosion-proof measures for certain situations, such as explosion-proof motors, such as how to divide for explosion-proof grade standards, this article introduces the following explosion-proof; 1, explosive material: many workplace will produce some combustible materials. The coal mine around two-thirds of all the places have explosive material; In chemical industry, about 80% or more of the production workshop area there is explosive material. 2, oxygen, oxygen in the air is everywhere. 3, light source, electrical instrument is used in great quantities in the production process, all sorts of friction spark, spark mechanical wear, spark and high temperature is inevitable, especially when the instrument, electrical failure occurs. Many industrial explosion conditions on site. When explosive material mixed with oxygen concentration in the explosion limit range, if any explosion source, will be an explosion. So take explosion protection is very necessary. One, explosion-proof grade description: 1, ia level: a breakdown in the normal work and and two failures are not lit up the electrical equipment of the explosive gas mixtures. The normal work, the safety factor of 2. 0; A failure, safety coefficient is 1. 5; Two failure, safety coefficient is 1. 0. Note: there is a spark of contact must add flame-proof double shell, airtight shell or improve safety coefficient. 2, the ib level: a breakdown in the normal work and cannot ignite explosive gas mixture of electrical equipment. The normal work, the safety factor of 2. 0; A failure, safety coefficient is 1. 5. Normal work, contact spark should add flame-proof shells or airtight enclosure protection, and measures of fault since the show, a failure safety coefficient is 1. 0. Second, explosion-proof marks format specification: explosion danger medium factories or mines, according to the ignition energy, light temperature and time for the explosive dangerous gas existing cycle grade of scientific classification, to determine the explosion protection equipment of explosion-proof marks and form. Explosion-proof marks format: Ex ( ia) Ⅱ T4 explosion-proof mark explosion-proof grade C gas category 3, safety grid safety parameters defined temperature classes: high safety barrier allows voltage: Um security gate in the end the Ann performance, other than this AnDuan may input high voltage safety barrier high open circuit voltage: Uoc in high allows this AnDuan voltage range voltage when open big value safety grid short-circuit current, Isc in high allows this AnDuan short-circuit current voltage range large value safety barrier allows distributed capacitance: Ca to ensure the essence safety case AnDuan large external capacitance safety barrier to allow distributed inductance: La ensure the essence safety case AnDuan allow external inductance
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