Which prepared _ import vacuum pumps should be done before the installation

by:J&T     2020-05-17
Import vacuum pumps shall be prepared before installation as follows:

( 1) Before installing the unit shall complete the cleaning process. Its meaning is to remove oil processing metal parts in the process of dyeing, dirt, flux and other impurities, prevent imported vacuum system after installation, the inside air. Decontamination decontamination powder with hot water washing, and then with hot air drying, the drying with organic solvents.

( 2) Before installation to check parts, and immediately removed parts for leaks, in order to prevent the leakage of parts installed on the system, the vacuum system debugging is not convenient.

( 3) Check the characteristics of imported parts, such as vacuum pump valve is in line with the design requirements.

( 4) According to the electrical drawing check whether the circuit is complete. Switch refers to the open position, whether related test equipment in the zero point, whether the earth wire grounding, as well as the operation is safe.

when installing imported vacuum water pump system need to be aware of the special issue is to install need and integrating leak detection work. This process is to install mechanical pump and pumping air first, and then the need after install the vacuum pump, never install the system. Completes the leak detection, otherwise if leakage occurs, will bring inconvenience to installation work. At the same time, during the installation process, must pay special attention to the static sealing flange rubber ring and the flange sealing surface. This tag can prevent air leakage after installation.

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