What to do with screw vacuum pump used in high temperature _

by:J&T     2020-05-20

the application of screw vacuum pump frequency out of the question is usually low, but when the application temperature is higher and higher, people should take moderate temperature reduction, to ensure the machine all work in progress. Teach you how to import vacuum pumps to reduce temperature.

a clean and tidy, maintain motor

to clear the stains on the motor, imported vacuum pump heat pipe heat dissipation ability to work.

2, extended fan cover

1, will protect the fan cover 40 cm long in first converted into one with electric fan on the diameter of the axial fan, axial fan motor rated power regulation is 850 w, the speed to 14889 r/min, working voltage 380 v.

2, protect the electric fan to keep first, axial flow fan is built in another switch power manipulation, screw vacuum pump starting back axle flow fan operation, open axial fan after 30 min pause, make the main motor to get enough water cooling.

3, augmenting the mother phase voltage 400 v

desuperheating way to adjust the original application of electric fan will extend it, therefore to reduce the temperature of the machine. Also can according to the water-cooled radiator that is more than good actual effect of the method, for which all the normal operation maintenance machinery and equipment.

4, cover of water cooling

1, choose two layer thickness hollow structure housings, called water cooling jacket, its embedded inside the refrigerating fluid, is the key heat pipe radiator safe passage.

2, water cooling is a common way: water cooling jacket cooling circulating water, can more than water cooling casing and water cooling purpose of motor rotor. In addition to inside the motor rotor flux of cooling water, improve the service life of the motor rotor, and more than a very good water cooling effect.

3, import vacuum pumps with motor rotor in work without grease during the whole process to participate in, is can't according to grease to work of calorific value. Because no inner narrow process, the exhaust temperature is very high, if the water cooling effect is not very good, can lead to motor rotor and the shell deformation, endangering vacuum effect.

screw vacuum water pump is mainly used to import vacuum pumps in the process of high temperature. If problem during high temperature in a short time, can be applied again immediate solution. But, if long time high temperature, high temperature must be completely connection. Can look for professional personnel for repair.

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