What's the use of vacuum system in the transport of vacuum

by:J&T     2020-05-26

there is no better than the existing road transport way road and rail ( Include light rail, subway) More in one of two ways: the car on the highway, the train running on the track. In addition to the transfer of the two patterns, in order to overcome the frictional resistance are mainly to overcome air resistance, and the higher the speed, the greater the air resistance. But, the existing car, in addition to the appearance of the vehicle design, in order to simplify the train, reduce the air resistance, the fundamental solution to reduce the air resistance.

vacuum system, to provide an improved road transport system, transport system should have a small little resistance during operation, running low noise, low energy consumption, safe and reliable, cover an area of an area small, friendly to environment.

in fact, a simple vacuum system can only obtain coarse vacuum, and expect to get high vacuum, typically in series in the vacuum system of high vacuum pump, such as roots pump screw water pump and the high vacuum pump. When the series connection of high vacuum pump, usually combined with inlet and outlet valve in high vacuum water pump, high vacuum pumps keep vacuum alone.

vacuum system consists of vacuum pumps, PLC control system, the process of storage tanks, valves, vacuum valve, vacuum system of filter components. At present, the system has been widely used in the semiconductor industry, the optical light module, mechanical processing and other industries.

vacuum conveying, drain and lifting equipment, the differential pressure applied by the work between the vacuum and air force. So there is pressure everywhere on the mechanical properties of the average energy, it can be used in the absolute close contact with any shape. At present, the vacuum system is mostly in fish, cereals, flour, coal, tobacco, cement, mud, pulp, powder mineral powder chemical products, cement floor, plank, highway and airport run quick dry cement, use workshop assembly, machine tool fixture, glass shipment, breast pump, vacuum. Sputum suction, suction pleural effusion, sepsis, intestinal absorption and absorption of radiation. Vacuum system has a simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, transportation, lifting no vibration absorption process, high efficiency, transportation breakable in safe and reliable, non-polluting characteristics to the environment.

vacuum system provides the vacuum conveying technology solutions, has favorable effect is 1, because the operation of the vehicle in the vacuum environment, air resistance is almost zero, thus greatly reduced the required energy vehicle movement, energy-saving effect is extremely significant; 2, due to the air resistance is almost zero, the vehicle speed is greatly increased, with a corresponding increase in business, reduce the transportation cost; 3, because the pipe is a closed system, therefore, basically no environmental noise; The impact of climate change and transportation systems also have no, so no accident; As shown in figure 4, the tube was sealed, cover an area of an area small, save the land resources.

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