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by:J&T     2020-06-28

heat conduction oil pump is a kind of ideal hot oil circulation pump or feed pump for heating medium, optimizing ground support equipment exchange in heat pump. Ball bearing heat conduction oil pump bearing structure with double end, use the front and back end with grease lubrication, lead pipe used for recovery of any time to observe the conditions of sealing and heat transfer oil in the middle of the lubricating oil. Since the heat conduction oil pump heat dissipation structure, changed the conventional water cooling structure, has simple structure, small volume, operating cost, reliable performance. Is the basic structure of a single stage single suction cantilever foot support structure, the axial suction inlet of the pump, export as the center vertically upward, and installation on the base of the motor. Vacuum pump under the technical team of engineers, to share knowledge of heat conduction oil pump. Hope to help everyone.

the heat conduction oil pump advanced technology, high efficiency, without leakage of oil pump under thermal state long-term stable operation, does not require additional cooling system, use secure and reliable, has been widely used in heating medium in heating system, heat pump for conveying weak corrosive, high temperature liquid without solid particles, has entered the petroleum, chemical, rubber, plastics, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, road construction, food industry, mainly used for high temperature corrosion of weak flow of liquid solid particles, the temperature of 350 ℃ or less and is an ideal hot oil circulation pump. According to user needs, use different material flow components, transporting the corrosive liquid or special performance, etc.

technical characteristics of the heat conduction oil pump

1, import teflon ( PTFE) Do lip seals, sealing performance produced leap than the reliability of the rubber seal of 25 times increases, high corrosion resistance.

2, and mechanical seal packing seal and form, it has good thermal adaptability of high temperature resistant stuffing and the combination of the mechanical seal is made up of high mechanical strength, good wear resistance of cemented carbide materials, to ensure the sealing performance of high temperature conditions.

what heat conduction oil pump in the selection of heat conduction oil pump according to the selection should be based on technology, water supply and drainage requirements, from five aspects to consider, liquid transportation, not only lifting device, liquid, pipeline layout and operation of the quality of running conditions.

1, an important performance data, heat conduction oil pump flow is selected, it is directly related to the production capacity and transmission capacity of the entire unit. Such as water pump design can normal calculation, the smallest design institute, at most three traffic. When choosing a pump, the basis of the maximum flow, considering the normal flow, in the absence of maximum flow, usually expect to 1. 1 times the normal traffic flow as the largest.

2, equipment system piping layout conditions stated refers to the height of liquid feed liquid from the liquid supplied to the feeding, suction side minimum level, for example, the maximum level, some of the side discharge piping specification data and its length, material, tube size, number and analogues, used to brush their hair based on NPSH and check.

3, the lift equipment system is to choose the pump is another important performance data. Usually, choosing the magnitude of the lifting to 5% 10%.

4, there are a lot of operating conditions, such as the liquid run T p, suction side pressure saturated steam force PS ( The absolute value) , discharge side pressure container PZ, height above sea level, is the environment temperature running clearance or the location of the continuous, heat transfer oil pump is fixed or portable.

5, fluid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties. Physical properties including temperature density d, c u viscosity, solid particle diameter and gas content in medium, etc. This involves lift system, effective gas erosion calculation and suitable pump types: chemical, is mainly refers to the choice of chemical corrosive and toxic liquid medium, heat transfer oil pump is to choose the material and the important basis of shaft seal type.

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