What problem should note when choosing vacuum pump system

by:J&T     2020-05-16
Some problems that should be paid attention to choose vacuum pump system

1. The limit of the vacuum pump system pressure technology to meet the pressure of work, usually the limit pressure of the pump an order of magnitude lower than the technical requirements for each

2. has certain work pressure range as a result, the working point of the water pump should be chosen in this range, rather than allowing it to allow foreign pressure for long time work

3. In its work under the pressure, the vacuum pump system should be able to discharge occurring in the process of vacuum equipment all gas

4. Vacuum device choice:

( 1) When using the pump can not meet the requirements of pumping air into vacuum state, in order to meet the technological requirements, need to pump a few together, complement each other

( 2) Part of the vacuum water pump can't work under atmospheric pressure, to a vacuum; Part of the vacuum pump outlet pressure below atmospheric pressure, need booster pump, need to combine. Modular vacuum pump, we call it a vacuum pump unit, vacuum degree of vacuum system can get better and displacement. We should correctly to choose the combination of the vacuum water pump, because different vacuum pump for pumping gas have different requirements, such as: in general, roots rotary sets is not suitable for systems containing more condensable gases.

5。 Choosing oil seal pump, the first thing to know is there a required vacuum system of oil pollution. If the equipment strictly without oil, should choose a variety of oil pump, water ring pump, cryogenic pump, etc. , if not strict, CAN choose the oil pump, add some oil pollution prevention measures, such as adding cold trap, separation tank, damper etc. , CAN also meet the requirements of clean vacuum

6. Understanding to extract the composition of the gas does not contain condensable vapor, dust particles and corrosive when choosing a vacuum pump, must understand the gas composition, and to choose the appropriate pump for pumping gas. If the steam is contained in the gas, particles and corrosive gas, should be considered in the inlet pipe of pump installed in the condenser, dust and other auxiliary equipment.

7。 Should be considered when choosing a oil seal vacuum pump from the vacuum pump oil vapor discharge ( Soot) The environmental impact. If you don't allow the pollution of environment, please choose oil-free vacuum pump or the oil vapor emission outside.

8。 In the process of work caused by the vibration of the vacuum pump will affect the process and the environment. If not allowed, no vibration pump or vibration control measures should be used.

9。 The price of the vacuum pump, operation and maintenance costs.

after we consider the situations, we finally can determine suitable for your vacuum pump system solution:

( 1) The minimum investment cost.

( 2) The minimum production and operating costs.

( 3) Reasonable uniform distribution of first two feasible plan.

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