What need to prepare work before and after the heat pump use? _

by:J&T     2020-05-14

Germany SPECK brand heat pump are often applied to various industries, such as plastic, paper making, CNC, etc. , so need to prepare before and after high temperature oil pump in the use of what work? Below, shenzhen heng mechanical job summarized four point needs to be done before and after the high temperature oil pump in use, we learn together.

1, before using heat pump to heat carrier furnace for cleaning

1, to do a good job of cleaning and hygiene of heat carrier furnace room, hot oil pump should be inside the shall not pile up sundry.

2, furnace room should keep good lighting conditions.

3, to dust and ash slag processing, the general heat pump should be clear grey two to three times per class.

4, oil and gas on the surface of the furnace should be erased by often burning oil and its heavy, especially the vertical gas furnace heat water pump, would be at the top as the temperature is higher, it is forbidden to put some flammable items.

5, to keep the cleanness of the appearance of the heat carrier furnace and equipment, heat pump to remove the external dust, such not only can create clean environment for heat pump, but also easier to observe equipment operation state, and can be found when the hidden danger of the equipment.

2, inspection before use for heat pump work

1, check the use of heat pump and its high tank temperature heat conduction oil, it is forbidden to more than 70 ℃, this is to prevent coking and leakage.

2, to the high temperature oil pump body and coal-fired furnace hearth, grate and its ancillary equipment to carry out inspection, to discover the problems, and to take corresponding measures. 3, coal-fired furnace hearth should not appear blaze and suction phenomenon. High temperature furnace thermal state steel structure and masonry gear pump and the oven door should be in good condition, keep the rigor of the chamber of a stove or furnace.

3, check the equipment running status, transmission case should be no sound. Coal on the coal fire grate speed regulating box fairleader deceleration machine lubricating oil should be enough before slag and induced draft fan should be filled with lubricating oil, shall be given to the induced draft fan cooling water through.

4, check the furnace, the value of pressure gauge, thermometer and flow meter is in normal, to determine how the running status of boiler.

3, heat pump lubrication maintenance work

have to be lubricated periodically on all lubricating points, thus in order to ensure the normal operation of pump operation.

4, high temperature records of water pump work

will check the data ( Temperature, temperature difference, pressure, pressure difference) As well as the problems found, and must do, provides the basis for fault judgment and handling in the future.

the above four points is constant to mechanical and electrical job before and after the use of heat pumps need to pay attention to the problem of solutions, we in the use of heat pumps do not bother, it is important for heat pump maintenance, the correct use of heat pump allows the use of the pump efficiency is higher, longer life. If you have more questions about heat pump technology, you can click on the link job, we discuss together.

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