What method, to avoid vacuum pump of scaling

by:J&T     2020-05-16

experienced vacuum water pump users will take preventive measures in advance to prevent fouling. The pump will be in after a period of time to maintain, strive to kill scale source. Some new users in this aspect, however, some negligence, and not ready to almost any prevention work, this lead to scale during the operation of the pump, thus affecting the use of the pump. So, what we must take methods to avoid the fouling of vacuum pump?

1, the circulating cooling water hardness

the water in the circulation pump with low pressure hot water boiler operation are very similar. According to the hot water boiler water quality standard, therefore, can control the quality of the pump, to prevent the corrosion scale and prevent the water pump. circulation water system is mostly open loop system, return rate is relatively high. If there is no use for reasons such as money under the condition of ion exchange of equipment for water treatment, pumps are usually equipped with softening pool and cistern.

2, cooling water temperature control

in the temperature of water ring vacuum pump and softening water temperature differences is one of the important factors causing fouling. Therefore, to increase circulation to enhance the cooling effect of water supply is an important guarantee of significantly reduce fouling rate. Therefore, during the running of the circulating cooling water, must be monitoring the return water temperature of each pump and back into the water, in order to ensure normal water supply and return water temperature of each pump is more than 40 ° C. Water supply valve control to pass through. E. , if return water temperature more than is necessary to supplement the low temperature cold water or use other cooling cooling method to reduce the temperature of softening demineralized water in the pool.

3, regular rinsing pump body

the blowdown valve for vacuum pump body, in addition to the ordinary sewage pump the water, can also be used to pump body of water pressure in the process of running regularly to flush out the dirt and water pump, in order to prevent dirt build-up on the pump body. On the other hand. It can prevent slag into scale.

all in all, you must know the emergence of the vacuum water pump scale mainly because of the cycle of water quality and working temperature than the rules, so must have two precautions in prevention. In fact, as long as we have always to the overall inspection and regular maintenance pump, pump fouling can be effectively avoided.

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