What kind of fire pump valve of water supply system are there?

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Fire water system is divided into two categories, outdoor fire water and indoor fire water supply, the main functional units of fire water supply, fire pump, water supply pipe network, network control equipment, fire hydrant, water pump joint, etc. Fire pump should be taken to the irrigation type suction water pump, fire pump pumping water directly from municipal pipe network, should be set on fire water pump outlet pipe with air partition function of backflow. Fire water supply in general use of municipal water supply pipe network, pipeline pressure water pipe road use, use more gate valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, check valve, filter, relief valve, etc. , can also use backflow, pipeline connection with flange and grooved tube connection. At high floor should be set high water tank; Big potential fire water pressure water supply is required for a high partition and export requirements. In the fire control system, is a ball iron soft-sealing gate valve right or grey iron hard seal gate valves right? Soft-sealing gate valve and hard seal gate valves can be used in the fire protection system, the choice of hard and soft seal according to the medium and the leakage rate, if it is water soft-sealing gate valve a little better. Body material appropriate chooses cast iron in the water system, more resistant to corrosion, the valve body material is grey iron and ductile iron generally according to the pressure to select, fire water system pressure below 1 mpa commonly, so grey can completely meet the requirements, but the mechanical properties of ductile iron is better.
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