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by:J&T     2020-06-04

vacuum packing for us is very common, but they ignore the word. Today we introduce you to the knowledge of vacuum packaging.

vacuum packaging is a kind of placing items in airtight container and in a sealed container before applying vacuum in order to make the container seal packaging method basically there is no air. Vacuum packing method, also known as vacuum packing method or exhaust. The packing can prevent external water vapor into the container, and prevent the moisture inside the sealed moisture-proof packaging stranded and condensation when the temperature is falling. Vacuum packing in order to avoid excessive vacuum should be used.

general coarse grains and grain processed products are vacuum packing. Vacuum packing can not only reduce or reduce the oxidation of food, color and smell, also can inhibit the growth of certain fungi and bacteria.

at present, the grain and oil seed processing and preservation of the basic at a lower level, a wide range of state, China refrigeration conditions cannot compare with the United States, Japan and other developed countries, caused great damage. Agricultural products and waste of resources. Vacuum packing can keep the food and agricultural products quality and nutrition, and is highly evaluated by the food industry.

in addition to control the external temperature and aseptic, vacuum packing for appropriate gas environment in order to achieve the required control food preservation is more important. Main methods are mechanical extrusion, straw degassing method, etc. Either way, remove the air inside the bag, and then to heat sealing. Its main features are: reduce the oxygen content in the bag and inhibition of mold, bacteria growth, control grain metamorphism, achieve the goal of preservation and quality. In addition, vacuum packaging, can resist mechanical pressure, reduce vibration, is good for long distance transportation and sales.

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