What is the first level vacuum pump vacuum application _

by:J&T     2020-07-02

you may not know what is the first level vacuum pump vacuum application? The small face small make up together. For those who can not be directly discharge into the atmosphere and pump provides the necessary pressure pump is called before the pump. Among them, there are some pump can work in two ways, sometimes the atmosphere, sometimes into the level before the pressure relief. Summary of grade vacuum pump before

the gas from the low pressure area to the atmospheric pressure suction device can be divided into three main types:

( a) Gas transport is done by level or multistage compression.

( b) Through the momentum transfer transport gas.

( c) Gas adsorption at low temperature on the surface, and then reheat, regeneration.

mechanical vacuum pump is the representative of the first kind of pump and jet pump and adsorption pump is the representative of the second and the third type of pump.

the pressure area while the various types of pumps can of atmospheric vent, but their effective workspace city change depending on how it works. If it's not sealing fluid, will not be able to maintain a high compression ratio, mechanical clearance may not do small enough to effectively prevent secondary expansion or regurgitation. No sealing liquid pump is very suitable for work near atmospheric pressure.

due to compression heat is difficult to spread out, some dry mechanical pump, roots pump and especially thousand type screw compressor low pressure work is limited. The pump is the best work in more than 30 otorr. If use such as carbon, graphite cast iron and high temperature synthetic material, so, due to the self-lubrication properties of these materials, dry rotary vane pump work area can be extended to 150 torr, the pressure in the same area, also can effectively use liquid ring pump, reciprocating piston pump and low efficiency of jet pump. If use the two-stage liquid ring pump, valve, multichip pump, two-stage reciprocating piston pump, liquid jet water pump and two stage steam jet pump, even the pressure area can be extended to about 30 torr. When further reduce the work pressure, relatively simple pump may no longer apply, must use multistage rotary oil seal pump, and select the low vapor pressure sealing liquid.

the effective work of single pump pressure area if only because of the influence of oil pollution to the duke, and its limit to zero. lTorr。 Because of the influence of the same, two stage of low pressure oil pump work, a little less than 10 mtorr. About 1 mtorr oil vapor pressure arc made levels before meet double oil pump ( Under the effective pumping speed) The roots pump in 10 - 6 work torr area. For less than 1 mtorr extraction, with other extraction equipment, such as more effective diffusion pump, pump, etc. As with mechanical extraction, the area it is best to use turbo molecular pump.

when extraction for a small container, oil seal pump work at level is similar to the double pressure area using adsorption water pump can be individually or order, so there is no oil or steam pollution problem.

because of mechanical pump oil seal type used wide pressure area of the city, and strong, simple, can squeeze is convenient to use, so widely used in laboratory work.

well, today's level of vacuum pump before learned here.

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