What is the effect of small acid proof pump inlet flow of pump

by:J&T     2020-06-28
In industrial production and life use, the application of the pump are common, type of pump diameter as the basis, often based on the flow and head when using acid proof pump, inlet flow velocity has shrunk on the pump operating performance will impact? Acid proof pump outlet and inlet diameter size setting principles: general export caliber according to the economic flow velocity, to select combined flow outlet diameter size is determined, the anhui come what are the advantages and disadvantages of the pump inlet flow velocity decreases? A, small entrance velocity, advantage 1, to improve device NPSH NPSHA, pump cavitation not easily; 2, small to piping erosion, especially the medium containing particles; 3, not easy to produce static electricity; 4, entrance filter pressure drop is small; 5, within the same section, uniform medium flow, hydraulic loss is small. Second, the inlet velocity is small, defect 1, under the same flow, need to pipe diameter, pipe high cost; 2, for some easy precipitation medium, the velocity is too small, easy to cause deposition jam; 3, impeller imports, and wide mouth ring diameter, large amount of leakage. Generally is greater than the outlet diameter and pump water entry, acid proof pump whether the import and export of the pipe diameter of import and export in diameter than the pump itself must increase, the problem still need specific analysis. For most of the pump and the pipe diameter increase of import and export purpose is to reduce the flow velocity of fluid in the pipe, in order to reduce the pipeline pressure drop, to reduce the power consumption of the pump, but increase the diameter at the expense of the increasing pipeline investment costs, thus, anhui gold for pump discharge for long distance pipeline can consider appropriately increasing the tube diameter, to reduce the pressure drop, and don't have to consider for short, For the pump materials imported conveyor is liquefied gas, temperature close to the boiling point, low suction position materials such as cavitation, should consider to increase the water pump inlet pipe diameter, to reduce the pressure drop, avoid pump cavitation.
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