What is the distinguishing feature of low temperature pump

by:J&T     2020-06-27
applications where a lot of different occasions, the environment condition is different also, have a heat pump, pump under normal temperature, low temperature pump, for the use of special environment pump performance is also different, so what are the characteristics of the low temperature water pump? 1, structurally symmetrical layout, make pump at low temperature even shrinking. In order to keep low temperature and preventing leakage, adopting double hull structure. 2, when use should be taken to protect cold, moisture, and precooling, anti-freezing measures, etc. 3, on the structure should also avoid the influence of low temperature brittleness. 4, bearing should pay attention to the influence of low temperature, as the gap size and select appropriate friction performance good material ( Such as tetrafluoroethylene, graphite, etc. ) 。 5, when choosing materials should pay attention to material brittleness at low temperature. Six, bearing dry friction should be considered and take measures to prevent frozen and start the precooling measures. 7, in order to prevent friction heat causes the liquid gas vaporizing and burn the friction surface, use balance hole, symmetrical layout and more thrust bearing, rarely balance disc is used to balance the axial force ( The balancing drum if necessary) 。 8, in order to improve the suction conditions, gas separation, not affected by temperature and axial expansion, adopt vertical Jane bag pump structure is more advantageous.
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