What is the distinguishing feature of aromatics extraction of screw vacuum pump _

by:J&T     2020-05-20

aromatics extraction plant can not only reduce the benzene in the gas content, improve the quality of gasoline, protect human survival environment; More importantly, it can provide the basic materials of high purity, to meet the growing demand for the petrochemical industry and chemical fiber industry, through the extraction of aromatics products, production of high quality solvent oil can also be used as a raw material. Introduction of dry screw vacuum pump application in aromatics extraction process.

in the aromatics extraction plant recovery tower is an important unit of production of aromatics products and recycling the solvent. Because of the limitation of the degradation temperature of solvent recovery tower is usually designed to operate under negative pressure environment. In traditional aromatic process packaging, recovery tower of the vacuum system is mainly composed of steam jet pump, steam injection pump in production consume large amounts of water and generate a large amount of sewage, easy to cause environmental pollution. In recent years, with the improvement of petrochemical industry equipment and the country's emphasis on energy conservation and emissions reduction, dry vacuum system gradually replaced the traditional wet system.

dry vacuum pump system and process steam not mutual pollution, and through the dry screw vacuum pump after compression and pressurization, process steam can be removed from the waste gas processing system directly. Recommended for aromatics extraction equipment is mainly used vacuum solutions is dry vacuum pump vacuum aspiration.

why dry screw vacuum pump? It is a performance characteristics?

the performance characteristics of dry screw vacuum water pump

1. No media in the working chamber can get the vacuum cleaner.

2。 Working chamber and the screw rotor surface have anticorrosive coating, can adapt to bad working environment.

3, not in pump gas compression, suitable for extracting condensable gases.

4, a single pump can pump from atmospheric pressure to 1 pa, vacuum system can be greatly simplified.

5。 The water temperature of vacuum have little impact, saving more than 90% of the water, not even water.

6, no fuel consumption, don't drop

7. There is no friction between rotating parts, high speed, small volume.

8。 Simple structure, convenient maintenance.

9, pumping gas directly from the pump body, do not pollute the water, no environmental pressure, gas recycling more convenient.

10, and the roots water pump, molecular pump oil free device combination.

can be seen from the performance characteristics of screw pump, the dry vacuum pump instead of steam jet pump has a significant effect of energy saving and environmental protection, investment payback period is short, can produce significant economic and social benefits. Device. At present, the dry screw vacuum pump application in aromatics extraction process reduces the wastewater containing benzene emissions in the device, reduces the system of environmental pollution. The other party can be greatly reduced operating costs, and production equipment for the cleaner production. A good foundation.

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