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by:J&T     2020-06-29
What is the difference between high temperature heat pumps and cooling water pump?

pump valve industry is a large industrial group. It plays an important role in the construction of national economy, is closely related to people's life. The competition in the industry, change the mode of thinking and starting from the Internet is also a nice change.

with the rapid development of social economy, the traditional sales already can not adapt to the trend of the development of the society, the network marketing has become a new favorite, leading the new trend in the development of sales.

the Chinese pump valve enterprise at present in the trend of rapid development. Many pumps and valves company is expanding its business scale, and hopes to attract more talents in the industry. At the same time, many group companies to enter the water pump valve. Industry in the industrial chain to create more value. The resulting talent gap is more and more serious, a lot of pump valve enterprises urgently need to senior positions.

the most widely used pumps and valves are high temperature heat pump and cooling water pump. The so-called cold water pump is refers to under 80 ° C temperature conveying liquid pump. It is known as the cold water pump. Temperature between 80 ° to 120 ° C water pump called high temperature heat pumps.

1, the characteristics of high temperature heat pump:

high temperature heat pump is in centrifugal pump on the basis of the optimization of high temperature heat pump products. Due to the pump using the top of the vertical installation of motor, so between the pump and motor has a short bracket, the bracket was not due to the mechanical seal leakage. The phenomenon of motor internal water burn, can also be designed based on the high temperature heat pump and by external tap water cooling of high temperature heat pump mechanical seal of the product temperature to 240 ° C.

2, the characteristics of the cold water pump

ordinary seal is cold water pump mechanical seal with packing. With packing seal of pump is usually a single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump. The pump is one of the earliest cold water pump product. Because packing itself need liquid cooling lubrication, high temperature resistant pump. Only in 80 degrees, sealed drop of water in the cooling water pump of pump and pump base has certain environmental pollution. These products has been gradually replaced by a centrifugal pump products, and cold water pump mechanical seal. There is leakage phenomenon, the impeller) is located in the motor shaft. In terms of noise and vibration, it is better than old frozen water pump. This type of pump products are usually used in air conditioning, so also known as the air conditioning cooling water circulation pump.

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