What is the cause of the vacuum pump bearing temperature is too high? - - - - - -

by:J&T     2020-05-27

because of the high speed working conditions in the vacuum pump rotor rotating speed of rotor bearings for than too fast will produce hot. The general vacuum pump during the operating period bearing overtemperature also has the following content.

1, the valve plate crack: when a valve plate crack, working pressure will not balance, on either side of the centrifugal impeller rotor can produce axial force, the bearing load is aggravating, long-term operation can make the bearing temperature rise. This situation should be replaced immediately valve plates.

2, bearing end cover sealing is invalid: when the shaft end sealing packing damage or after sealing water holes blocked, will produce the gas from the damaged sucked through the clearance of the pump body, can produce without suction and exhaust pipe of the pump characteristic. If if the side seal is invalid, can produce pressure on both sides of the unbalanced centrifugal impeller, the rotor axial force, the bearing load, and then make the bearing temperature ascending.

3, bearing pre-tightening force is too large, this kind of situation will push the bearing clearance to reduce or no lateral clearance, produce bearing temperature.

4, stir harm: when the pump casing or bearing sensation is large is to produce the phenomenon of high bearing temperature, query the water pump shell find sensation tableland, sensation, the bearing temperature.

5, bright and clean, bright and clean grease ascension is too small, too much or smooth fat type, its use time is too long or smooth fat environmental pollution are bearing hot. At this point, the query is bright and clean grease types, asking vacuum pump manufacturers suitable for use, adjust good clean grease can adjust the bearing temperature.

6, vacuum water pump bearing damage: bearing after the roll body and bearing ball bearing damage is associated with bearing overtemperature phenomenon. New bearing bearing damaged must be replaced immediately.

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