What is the cause of the roots vacuum pump of high temperature -

by:J&T     2020-05-21

vacuum pump is developing very rapidly, their usage frequency increases gradually in recent years. However, there are inevitably some concerns. Due to other reasons, for example, the use of the roots vacuum pump leads to a series of failures. The roots vacuum water pump, for example, what is the cause of the high temperature, how can we solve them?

when the roots vacuum pump is used, its temperature will continue to rise, this may be over temperature. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. Here, we need to stop the machine, and will be removed one point at a time are analyzed. Here we will introduce the equipment removal methods and the reason for the motor temperature is too high.

a, vacuum high temperature

( 1) The motor power, working current is big, calorific value is big.

( 2) Low fan speed, air pressure, air volume is small.

( 3) Fan blade number, small air volume.

( 4) Motor is stained with dust and oil pollution and reduce the heat dissipation capacity.

( 5) Vacuum water pump motor field bus voltage of 380 v, due to the pressure drop of the cable and uneven distribution of load, voltage is 365 v motor, actually low voltage vacuum pump and running current.

these are the cause of the high temperature vacuum pump motor. To avoid vacuum pump motor temperature is too high, can regularly clear the dust on the motor, electric radiator must be kept clean, and increase the cooling capacity. To extend the original fan cover 40 centimeters, and install a the same as the fan casing diameter of axial flow fan.

2, remove the step

1. Before remove the roots vacuum water pump, measure and record the rotor portion of the gap, as far as possible do not use a heavy hammer percussion. Remove the components should be properly kept, shall not be damaged.

2。 Stop a detailed record of replacement parts needed for reason and its application status.

3。 Before disassembly import vacuum pumps again, clean all parts and finishing burr.

4。 No seal gasket or static sealing surface should be coated inorganic silicon rubber sealing ring of coating, then according to the spare space form to adjust various parts of the rotor spare space.

in addition, the disassembly import vacuum pumps, all need to install, but should stop leak detection, after reassembling, check shall be run in time to stop and function, the ability after normal use.

when you meet the problem roots vacuum pump shall immediately stop the machine, cut off the power supply and remove it. This is in order to protect the safety of personnel and equipment. Remove adequate controls should be in accordance with the correct method, and temperature should be used to reduce the risk caused by high temperature.

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