What is roots vacuum pump regularly check _

by:J&T     2020-05-22
Roots vacuum water pump regularly check what is the

roots vacuum pump is a kind of positive displacement rotary blower, it by the end of the rotor shaft synchronous gears mesh to keep the two rotor. Roots vacuum pump pay attention to the normal load operation, please note the following:

1. The so-called rated load refers to according to the calibration pressure value on the nameplate, static pressure difference between inlet and outlet. When the exhaust pressure normal, pay attention to the air inlet pressure changes, so as not to overload.

2。 Asked slowly and gradually adjusted, the load and reach the rated load. Don't allow an adjustment to the rated load.

3, roots vacuum pump in the normal work, it is forbidden to completely close the suction valve and exhaust valve. Pay attention to observe the pressure on a regular basis. If relief valve during overload has run out, should timely adjust the relief valve, and do not allow the overload operation.

4, aware of lubricant oil, regular check, and records to ensure the oil amount.

5。 Due to the nature of the roots vacuum pump, does not allow for a long time to vent the gas returned directly to the roots vacuum water pump inlet ( The air inlet temperature changes) , otherwise, it will affect the safety of machine. Must use the cooling measures which can adjust the backflow.

1, the roots vacuum pump daily check:

1) Oil level check:

oil too little will cause temperature rise and oil too much, which can lead to bad lubrication.

2) Temperature check:

use thermometer to check the temperature of the pump parts.

3) Check the motor load:

use power meter or current, voltage meter measuring motor load.

2。 Roots vacuum pump monthly check:

coupling and gasket is damaged and loose.

3。 The roots vacuum pump once every 3 months to check:

lubricating oil in gearbox is deteriorating.

4。 The roots vacuum pump once every six months to check:

1) Whether the lubricating oil degradation in front bearing housing.

2) Worn piston ring and piston end paper sets.

3) Gear mild wear will affect the normal operation of the rotor and whether to need to adjust.

these are routine inspection of the roots vacuum pump. I hope the above with the introduction of the roots vacuum pump can help you. If you need, our company will provide you with quality products.

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