What is centrifugal pump normal boot process -

by:J&T     2020-05-24

centrifugal pump problems encountered in the start, how to solve? Centrifugal pump start-up process is normal? Then let's chat.

1。 Confirm the suction valve fully open, the discharge valve closed or open slightly; When there is a minimum flow line, the discharge valve fully closed, the minimum flow valve fully open.

2。 Close the outlet pipe cut-off valve ( Minimum flow) ;

3。 Start the motor, make the pump rotor speed;

4。 Slowly open the outlet valve, make the pump flow outlet pressure reaches the specified value. At the same time open the outlet valve, check the motor current change, to avoid electrical overload. Increase in traffic, but also should pay attention to pump seal whether there are abnormal leakage, the vibration of the water pump is normal, whether there is abnormal sound, pump body and motor export pressure changes, etc. If you have any abnormal pump leakage, abnormal vibration, abnormal noise or outlet pressure is lower than the design value, should find out the reason and process.

5。 Centrifugal pump to normal after the operation, check the water pump outlet pressure and outlet flow, motor current, the temperature of the bearing and sealing, lubricating oil level and pump vibration, noise and seal leakage. ( According to the technological requirements) Close the minimum flow by-pass valve. Record the operation of related equipment.


( 1) The biggest start centrifugal pump frequency shall not exceed 12 times per hour;

( 2) Differential pressure can lower than design point, nor cause system performance parameter fluctuations. outlet pressure gauge value is equal to the differential pressure and suction pressure gauge value;

( 3) At full capacity when the reading on the ammeter should ensure that current does not exceed the value of the motor nameplate;

( 4) Equipped with centrifugal pump motor according to the requirement of the buyer and the proportion of real medium choice, should consider when commissioning the power of the machine. If the proportion of real medium is less than the proportion of working medium, please strict control of the valve opening during commissioning, so as to avoid motor overload or burned. If necessary, must contact centrifugal pump manufacturers.

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