What is anticorrosive centrifugal pump SKF bearing bearing?

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Anticorrosive centrifugal pump is used in the transmission of corrosive liquid water pump, users in the selection of anticorrosive centrifugal water pump, is strict with internal structure parts, such as the material of anticorrosive pump, the use of the bearing, often listen to some users mention SKF bearing, so what is the SKF bearing, bearing, SKF & is the full name of the other; 瑞典语Kullager - Fabriken” Chinese transliteration name & other; SKF & throughout; 。 Company headquarters is located, gothenburg, Sweden. Set up time: 1907. Founder, sven & middot; WenKuiSi, Sven Wingquist. Manufacturer: 105. President and chief executive of CEO: Tom & middot; Johnston Tom Johnstone. SKF bearing entered China as early as in 1912, now has several SKF authorized dealers, agents and distributors in China. SKF: in the position in the world manufacturing industry; bearing manufacturer in the world, SKF bearing production accounted for 20% of the global similar products production. Second, SKF product introduction provided by SKF standard of more than twenty thousand kinds of products are all kinds of bearing. In addition to the rolling bearing, SKF group also makes linear bearing, sliding bearing, bearing box, ball and roller screw, textile machinery parts, stay ring, machine tools and all kinds of precision machinery parts. Extensively in the field of experience, and has the development, manufacture and application of advanced engineering products indispensable knowledge and expertise. For those such as only 0. 003 grams of miniature bearing to each piece of 34 tons of giant bearing. In addition, SKF also provide a series of bearing maintenance tools, grease and bearing monitoring instrument ( SKF bearing heater, drawing machine, etc. ) To make bearing users get higher efficiency, easy operation. SKF bearing features Explorer pathfinder series bearing, this series of bearing than any brand on the market of bearing performance better, live longer, in terms of design, use, the Dutch SKF engineering and research center of top scientists and engineers team after years of careful study, SKF bearing Explorer can be made of bearing outer ring side engraved with & other; 资源管理器” The wording and packaging & other; 资源管理器” Logo to identify, but product number remains the same.
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