What does anticorrosive centrifugal pump mechanical seal, mechanical seal of the pump is important?

by:J&T     2020-06-21
Anticorrosive centrifugal pump forhandling corrosive liquid is commonly used pumps, centrifugal pumps usually adopts mechanical seal form, in the process of using the centrifugal pump leakage, mainly from the wear and tear of mechanical seal and harm, and according to key points is mechanical seal of pump leaks, the stand or fall of mechanical seal for the use of the pump is crucial, anticorrosive centrifugal pump on the market price, mainly is the pump selection of materials and components configuration, appearance looks at, can use effect is far less than the desired effect, the following key seal of pump parts, mechanical seals play a role, and to introduce the importance of the pump; A, the role of the mechanical seal: 1, improve the efficiency of the machine, reducing energy consumption. 一个。 And reduce the machine, internal leakage, leakage and leakage, improve the efficiency of machine capacity. Such as an oil refinery to a centrifugal pump impeller mouth ring instead of mechanical seal, to improve the pump efficiency by 3. 6% 5. 6%. B, change the way of sealing, improve the efficiency of the machine or unit. For example, will shield pump mechanical seal of pump instead, make the motor efficiency; Using magnetic drive pump, improve the efficiency of the machine. C, reduce the friction loss, improve the mechanical efficiency of the machine. For example, the non-equilibrium type to balance type, double bearing of bottom pump closed end reduce seal can reduce the friction loss, improve the mechanical efficiency. D, change the auxiliary system, reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the unit. Hot oil water pump, for example, since the wash small impeller circulating water; Double seal instead of single end face seal, save the energy consumption of the sealing oil auxiliary system. 2, improve the machine reliability. For example, the shaft seal leakage and life decisions on shaft seal and the reliability of the machine. 3, save raw materials. Process fluid recycling, for example, to reduce or eliminate power steam and process fluid loss, reduce the loss of oil seal, etc. 4, safety and environmental protection. Second, the status of the mechanical seal: according to the survey, petrochemical process pump more than 86% of the mechanical seal. With the development of the mechanical seal technology, in pump mechanical seal will occupy more important position. Three, the meaning of the mechanical seal: 1, although the seal is not big, just a parts, but it can decide the safety, reliability and durability of machinery and equipment in petroleum chemical pump shaft seal is not big, in the event of product leakage accident, not only affects the work of pump equipment, also can produce the combustion or explosion, process equipment downtime and personal casualties, and so on. 2, mechanical seal in the daily machine pump kettle and so on equipment maintenance work, work accounted for about 50% of through survey of some petrochemical enterprises at home and abroad, illustrates in daily equipment maintenance, such as pump mechanical seal the maintenance workload of almost 50%. Maintenance of centrifugal pump is approximately 70% due to seal failure. 3, although sealing technology is not leading technology, but it is a crucial technology. Plant circulating pump, for example, in order to safe and reliable, by a change without shaft seal of pump shaft seal pump. Improvement after mechanical seal for reliable work, and by no shaft seal change back into a shaft seal pump, so as to improve the efficiency of the motor. Said the two things fully Ming mechanical seal technology, though not in the lead but it is a crucial technology.
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