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What do you need to pay attention to when starting a centrifugal water pump

What do you need to pay attention to when starting a centrifugal water pump


If you want to use the centrifugal water pump reasonably, you need to clarify and implement the requirements of it, which can not only ensure the normal operation of the water pump, but also improve the operation efficiency of it. The central theme of this article is about the precautions when starting the centrifugal water pump. Taking the water pump produced by J&T INDUSTRY company as an example.

First, the contents that need to be checked before the centrifugal water pump starts: use lubricating oil according to the specification, its name, model, and main performance are the key points of the inspection; whether the bearing lubrication system, sealing system, and cooling system are intact, and the oil circuit of the bearing 1. Whether the water channel is unblocked; check whether there is friction or jamming in the rotor, whether the direction of rotation of the impeller is consistent with the design direction; the working valve and auxiliary devices of the centrifugal pump should be in the position with the smallest load, and the outlet valve It should be closed.

Second, the pump casing and suction pipe of the centrifugal water pump must be filled with water first, in order to ensure the vacuum state of the suction port of the centrifugal pump. Third, when the medium to be transported is a high-temperature liquid, the centrifugal pump needs a warm pump, because the high-temperature liquid flows through the pump, causing the temperature of the centrifugal pump to rise too fast, which will cause the temperature difference between the components in the pump to be too large, resulting in The centrifugal water pump is in a state of uneven expansion, which is easy to cause deformation, wear, vibration and bearing holding shaft accident of the centrifugal water pump.

The above is a summary of the matters needing attention when starting the centrifugal water pump, each item needs to be implemented in actual work, and the quality of the staff needs to be improved to ensure that each item can be well get on.

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