What causes of submerged pump noise is?

by:J&T     2020-06-27
Submerged pump is a pump body in liquid, motor outside the liquid in the pump, submerged pump with stainless steel material and plastic material, metal is suitable for the corrosive liquid, sewage transport, etc. , submerged water pump when used by the submerged pump body, a noise on the use of the pump is easy to malfunction, the face of submerged pump appear, analyzes reasons for noise; 1 is the main equipment of the unit, electrical motor, the motor internal magnetic unbalance and other electrical system disorders, often cause vibration and noise. 2, mechanical aspects of submerged water pump rotating components quality imbalance, churning out, bad quality of installation, the unit axis degree of asymmetry, exceed allowable values, poor mechanical strength and stiffness of the parts, damage of bearing and sealing parts, etc. , will produce strong vibration. 3, the cause of the submerged pump impeller shaking caused by corrosive or flip corrosion submerged pump impeller nut, impeller shaking, causing vibration and noise. 4, the quality of the water pump and other aspects due to the unreasonable of feed water flow channel design make the deterioration of its water conditions, produce spiral. Will lead to the vibration of the long shaft submerged pump. Supporting the foundation of submerged pump and motor can also lead to the uneven subsidence occurred vibration. 5, the failure reasons of submerged pump bearings bearing lubricating oil due to submerged pump long time running out result in bearing damage, which may lessen aims is out carefully, replace new bearing. 6, hydraulic FY submerged water pump unit vibration caused by common reason is submerged pump cavitation and rapid changes in the pressure in the pipeline.
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