What are the working principle and characteristics of turbine flowmeter, and how to install and application!

by:J&T     2020-06-30
Turbine flowmeter is a common flow measurement instruments, measurement accuracy, simple operation, stable performance, long life and other advantages. How much do you know knowledge of turbine flowmeter, the working principle and characteristics and how to apply, which need pay attention to during the installation process? In the face of these one by one to introduce; A, turbine flowmeter features advantages: high precision: liquid 0. 15% ~ 0. 5%, 1% ~ 1 gas. 5% repeatability: 0. 05% ~ 0. 2%; Wide range than: 10 ~ 50:1; The pulse signal output, strong anti-interference ability; High voltage, small pressure loss, fast response; Weakness: the friction between bearing and shaft lead to wear and decrease the accuracy of the instrument; Request tested medium clean, reduce the wear and tear, for bearing and prevent turbine stuck, shall be in front of the transmitter filter unit; Flowmeter for flow velocity distribution distortion and the influence of the rotational flow is bigger, is not suitable for the measurement of pulsating flow and miscible flow; Small diameter ( (the following) Instrument of flow characteristic is influenced by material, so the small diameter of the instrument is difficult to improve performance; Difficult to keep the accuracy for a long time, need to check on a regular basis. The application of turbine flowmeter, turbine flowmeter is a kind of precision flow measurement instrument, and the corresponding supporting flow integrating instrument can be used to measure the rate of flow of liquid volume, the instantaneous flow and flow full percentage. Battery USES the long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, single-function integrating table battery service life can reach more than 5 years, multi-function display table battery service life also can achieve more than 12 months. Three, working principle, the principle of signal amplifier, cutting lines of magnetic force on the blade induced potential, coupled to the coil on the signal, after amplification output. Working principle of the turbine flowmeter: fluid flowing through the sensor shell, as a result of the impeller blade and flow to a certain point of view, fluid force makes the blade with rotational torque, to overcome the friction torque and fluid resistance, blade rotation speed stability after the moment balance. Under certain conditions, the speed is proportional to the velocity of flow, because there are magnetic conductivity blade, it is in the signal detector, is composed of permanent magnets and coils, the magnetic field, rotating blade cutting lines, periodically changing coil magnetic flux, so that the coil on both ends of the induction electric pulse signal. The signal after amplifier amplification plastic, form a certain amplitude of continuous rectangular pulse wave, can be spread far to display instrument, show the instantaneous flow or volume of the fluid. Four, turbine flowmeter installation 1, in addition to the special design of turbine flow sensor should be installed; Turbine upstream and downstream straight pipe length should be greater than 10 d and 5 d respectively; Should work in harmony with the arrow on the sensor to the fluid flow direction; In the sensor installed upstream filter to avoid the effect of impurities in the fluid; 2, measuring easy gasification liquid, should be installed to disarming; Fluid can't completely full of pipeline, should install back pressure tube; Regulating valve, thermometer, pressure gauge shall be installed in the downstream of the turbine; Convenient for maintenance, the by-pass pipe should be set up.
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