What are the _ water ring vacuum pump sound reasons

by:J&T     2020-06-29

water ring vacuum pump is not strange, it is commonly used in industry of machinery and equipment, is also the variable capacity pump. A long period of time when using the water ring vacuum pump, can produce large noise and noise due to wear and aging. The need to vacuum pump maintenance. If treatment is not timely, it might damage the bearings. Therefore, today small make up sums up the causes of water ring vacuum pump sound, for a rainy day.

1, first of all, the more common causes of lack of oil bearing. In this case, you should add new lubricant, but not too much, in order to avoid leakage and environmental pollution.

2, whether the rotor and the shell friction, all need calibration of rotor so as to make the highlights tips.

3, rotor dynamic balance is not stable, runtime force is too big. It is necessary to realign the dynamic balance.

4, caused by the screw loose parts or abnormal noise. At this point, you need to tighten the loose screw and screw down the bolt connection.

5, rotor deformation. In this case, the need to unload the water ring vacuum pump.

6, because of the abnormal vibration caused by noise, it is necessary to check the water ring vacuum water pump base is strong. If not strong, we need to strengthen it.

the cause of abnormal sound from the water ring vacuum pump is mainly due to the above reasons. After this happens, can be treated according to the article. Remind users at the same time, the use of water ring vacuum pump, shall regularly check, found abnormal sound, parking, check in time to avoid the equipment damage and affect the normal operation.

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