What are the vacuum pump equipment used in the oil refining -

by:J&T     2020-05-15

cooking oil guys are adopted in the life daily life, the most understanding but. But from raw material to product oil wholesale, cooking oil must occur after extracting and refining in people's table. This whole process, in the oil refining process in which there are two processes involve using vacuum pump equipment. Screw vacuum pump manufacturers with guys know them together.

edible oil refining

edible oil raw material after extracting, will immediately after get the refined oil into the refining segment. All refining segment generally involved: screening, alkaline, and separated, washed by hand, separation, dry mania, decolorization adsorption, filtering, analysis, distillation, deodorization, blocking, this kind of technological process, then to get refined manufactured goods. This process, the adsorption decolorization and deodorization of distillation must be carried out under vacuum pump standard, in other words they will involve using vacuum equipment.

say first adsorption decolorization. Adsorption decolourization means the melanin in catalyst carrier will oil ingredients. Melanin in cooking oil ingredients multifarious, contains chlorophyll, carotene, flavonoids, flower pigment melanin, etc. All decoloring process must be carried out in 80 ~ 90 ℃ in the rolling oil, catalyst carrier and efficacy of melanin is also accompanied by REDOX reaction, harm the color of the refined oil wholesale and reliability, and therefore must be carried out under vacuum water pump standard of up and down in the 100 pa, reduce prevent the other side effects.

and deodorization is because of the refined oil after the solution of the early, will continue to have a certain amount of oleic acid, trace analysis of hydrocarbon generation, macrocyclic lactones, nitrogen compounds and metal oxide such as vegetable oils, this kind of low melting point component into the 'smell' in the oil component, may do harm to the taste of the cooking oil, flavor, color and its reliability, and thus had to remove them. Plant oil distillation deodorization is using the melting point of difference between odor components with other effective components, under a certain temperature and vacuum value standard, relying on the basic principle of steam distillation will odor components of slippage. The whole process of vacuum value generally remain in 300 pa ~ 400 pa, the actual vacuum distillation process, screw vacuum water pump manufacturers, there is no more than the above.

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