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by:J&T     2020-05-22

as the roots vacuum pump is a kind of high technical content design more sophisticated equipment, so it has a lot of advantages, but really want to make these advantages into play you need to learn to use it correctly. So relevant personnel before put into operation the roots vacuum pump should accept some training knows the technique and method of operation, such ability can make a better operation in particular, the use of the roots vacuum pump correctly including the following aspects.

a, often adjust the roots vacuum pump impeller rotor clearance

the roots vacuum pump operation at that time, must be in the corresponding position to keep a continuous line of contact, in this way to prevent gas flow back to vacuum, and also at run time should be regularly check the two rotor meshing condition. And use after a period of time, which is the key components could wear as a result, so the roots vacuum pump manufacturer remind need to inspect and repair timely. If the impeller under the condition of rotor clearance is small, if left unchecked, then is likely to make motor caused by excessive heat damage, so need to be adjusted, the certain especially at ordinary times often should clean up on the corresponding position.

2, check the seal of the roots vacuum water pump shaft

because of the roots vacuum pump at any time to ensure that it is in the condition of vacuum, so the seal must be done, so at any time to check the effect of sealing parts, to avoid air leakage. Professional manufacturer of provide the roots vacuum pump is introduced in general, should choose some good quality of bee garden events, such as mechanical seal, etc. , a newly developed ceramic powder with good sealing effect, is worth a try.

3, reasonable choice of the roots vacuum pump revolution

roots vacuum pump revolution should adjust according to the actual situation, in theory, increase the number of turns can make emissions will increase, and the volume rate but at the same time may increase noise. So high quality roots vacuum pump manufacturer stressed in actual use should be comprehensive consideration, at the same time of increase speed to control the noise in the acceptable range.

roots vacuum pump is above several aspects included in the correct method of use, there are also necessary to learn it in series. Roots vacuum pump manufacturers is introduced in the actual application, because of a machine power is not enough so the two together, but at the time of doing this, should give up on the front of the drainage effect, and to help speed up behind must multiples, two machines to work together to achieve real results.

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