What are the requirements for vacuum pump operation _

by:J&T     2020-05-27

during the operation of the vacuum water pump, pump flow channel, without using any of the sealing liquid and oil as medium in use on mobile, in use, fixed vortex relative rotation, forming a suction chamber and the compression chamber is pumped gas discharge, continues to completely air intake, compression and exhaust process of water ring vacuum pump. So, how to prevent the seal leakage problem solving is particularly important. Vortex water pump including seal axial radial clearance of joint sealing.

vacuum sealing tooth face top solve the top sealing seal. Movable bedplate and plate fixed qualified addendum surface gradually open spiral groove. Embedded in the spiral groove seal specialty materials, sealing strip rolling sliding relative to the weeks operating way, because the oil free operation, the required sealing, high temperature resistance, creep properties, material, size, location, successful long-term pump operation is essential.

that flank sealing, vacuum pump and chamber sealed air from the atmosphere, the seal between the typically side seal is considered to be decided to scroll pumping, tooth side seal, usually by modifying the performance of one of the main factors of eddy current ring wall thickness, the choice of running clearance, a small gap at operating temperature, in order to achieve the purpose of sealing joint pump, it is also necessary, to ensure that in the limit of the vacuum pump. Since mobile fixed vortex will produce thermal deformation of work, and different deformation, this is the operation of the small gap with the operating conditions change, the gap is too big, will lead to the ultimate pressure is difficult to achieve, the gap is too small, the rolling friction between bite, even lead to a sharp rise in the temperature, the scroll wall, which led to the failure of the pump, so the designer damage to determine the size of the gap is a challenge. Tooth face seals and top seal to ensure the performance of the vortex pump.

vacuum pump is a kind of coarse vacuum pump, because of its compact structure, flammable gas, such as walking, now often used in people's life consumption with the features of reliable and balance the task of average flow rate. Water ring vacuum pump, so many users love and praise highly. However, when people use the equipment, due to a lack of knowledge and professional, often does not start on the water ring pump pipe system of guidance.

due to water ring vacuum pumps and suction is walking explosive gas, so it is right or not according to the safety device is essential, according to the introduction of officials, from the reasonable options and channel water ring vacuum pump in two aspects of the secondary device from the device.

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