What are the precautions for the roots vacuum pump start-up and operation? _

by:J&T     2020-05-22

in many areas, the application of the roots vacuum pump has been fully, such as chemical industry, aviation and so on each big field of mechanical operation of all can use this equipment, through long-term practice has proved that the roots vacuum pump real strength and advantage. But at the time of operation including startup and operation should be carried out in accordance with the specifications strictly to, in particular, matters need to pay attention to the following several aspects.

a, pay attention to the roots vacuum pump in preparation before starting the

inside the boot must be examined before water tank water level must reach more than three-quarters of the roots vacuum pump manufacturer to remind if dissatisfaction must make up water. And the use of water in the tank must be clean, absolutely can not have such things as sediment in order to avoid in running into pipeline blocking phenomenon. And roots vacuum pump manufacturer stressed also check the location of the lubricating oil to the height of the same to achieve higher than three-quarters of the position, but also to see the color of the lubricating oil, if not so pure, such phenomenon has black, so it should be completely replaced.

second, pay attention to in the correct order to start the roots vacuum pump vacuum unit

after ready to before starting work, the roots vacuum water pump manufacturer will introduced to middle and primary pump cooling water valve is open, and then slowly according to requirements of the specification of the corresponding open other valves. High quality of the roots vacuum pump manufacturers also introduced when the pressure reached the middle of the whole system can be started in the middle pump, and according to the manual or automatic control in the form of manipulation of the last to start the main pump.

third, pay attention to the roots vacuum pump operation details

under the condition of the normal operation of the roots vacuum pump all of the components are very harmonious, there will be no abnormal vibration, or noise. Roots vacuum water pump manufacturer to introduce this time to observe and the position of the corresponding temperature rise, the temperature can not exceed the scope of the corresponding otherwise said there is a problem, at the same time the roots vacuum pump manufacturer remind also check whether there is oil leakage, if discover in these circumstances, should immediately stop the positive operation and find out the reason for repair.

the above is the roots vacuum pump start-up and operation points for attention, in addition to stop operation should be the right way. Professional manufacturer of provide the roots vacuum pump is introduced first to the top handle into to the manual of the control cabinet, then intake valve and vacuum system partition, then according to the order of the regulations on the manual for shutdown operation, and then stop the water pump to turn it off.

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