What are the precautions for chemical centrifugal pump operation specification?

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Chemical centrifugal pump for liquid transportation played a role in the chemical production, many users in the process of using the wrong operation cause the service life of the centrifugal pump is greatly reduced, and even some damage directly, below is the centrifugal pump operation steps and matters: centrifugal water pump start-up, operation and stop the three process for the device itself and the normal operation of the whole work process are very important. A, chemical centrifugal pump before the start of the preparation of 1, the pump flow backward equipment and filling: open the inlet pipe cut-off valve, open all the exhaust line, and slow the rotation of the rotor, when there is no bubble pumping medium close the discharge valve. 2, on the suction device pump priming: open the inlet pipe cut-off valve, open all the exhaust line, to pump infusion (emissions, The suction pipe must be set bottom valve) , slow the rotation of the rotor, when pumping medium without air bubbles, close the discharge valve. 3, to turning equipment check whether equipment rotating flexible; Motor running, and once again determine the pump rotation direction is correct; Fixed coupling shield after confirmation. 4, open all the auxiliary system, and require all the auxiliary system of at least 10 minutes or more, wait until after the auxiliary system stable work, can take the next step, the auxiliary system includes a lubricating oil system, seal flush systems, cooling, heat preservation, etc. ; 5, irrigation pumps ( In addition to the submerged pump, before starting the other pump ( Self-priming pump start for the first time) To infuse pumps ( Requires pumping medium must be full of pump cavity) ) 6, ( With dry gas seal system machine pump) Dry gas seal system putting-in-service proactively. Open the nitrogen gas inlet valve, for pressurized seal chamber. Dry gas seal air pressure must be zero. 5 ~ 1. Between 0 mpa. Each pump according to the specific requirements to adjust seal chamber pressure and flow rate. Two chemical centrifugal pump start 1, confirm the suction valve fully open, the discharge valve closed or open micro; Have a small flow line, the discharge valve, fitted valve fully open small flow. Close the outlet pipe cut-off valve ( Must ensure that the small flow) , start the motor, the rotor speed, slowly open the outlet valve to the pump outlet pressure and flow rate required value. Open the outlet valve should check the motor current change at the same time, to avoid electrical overload. Should be paid attention to when traffic increase, also the vibration of the presence of abnormal leakage of sealing pump condition is normal, motor and pump body with or without abnormal sounds, such as the change of the outlet pressure, such as the leakage of pump is abnormal, abnormal vibration and abnormal noise or outlet pressure is lower than the design value, should find out the reason and process. 2, after the water pump running, check the pump outlet pressure and outlet flow, the temperature of the motor current, bearing and seal, lube oil level, vibration and noise of pump and the seal leakage; ( According to process needs) The bypass valve to close small flow. Make a record relevant equipment running. Three, pump stop 1, slowly down the discharge valve, until the flow to small flow. Cut off the power and stop the pump, close the outlet valve. 2, a small flow by-pass pipe, in the case of by-pass valve fully open close the discharge valve, then cut off power supply pump. Heat pump to the cooling below 80 ℃ when can stop circulating water; Sealing system ( Rinses, sealed gas) Stop the pump after 20 minutes to stop as appropriate. : 3, the standby pump suction valve fully open, the discharge valve (fitted Equipped with small flow by-pass pipe, by-pass valve fully open, the discharge valve full close) Be in full, so that the pump suction pressure of liquid state. Standby pump cooling water to continue putting-in-service proactively, keep lubricant oil level level is not lower than regulation. Winter should pay special attention to check, keep clear of with hotline, cooling water, avoid freezing. Barring a spare pump according to regulations. After 4, parking) Need to repair the pump, the pump stop, Cool) After nitrogen gas inlet valve shut off dry gas seal system, the seal chamber pressure, to completely discharge the liquid in the pump and cooling water in cooling system, makes the pressure of the pump body drops to zero, pump material purging of residual clean, all valves were closed, and contact the substation without electricity. The scene processing to meet the requirements of HSE. Four, centrifugal pump operating precautions: not more than 12 times/h pump start-up frequency; At full capacity when the reading on the ammeter, guarantee the current does not exceed the value of the motor nameplate; Differential pressure cannot be lower than design point, also cannot cause fluctuations in performance parameters in the system. outlet pressure gauge value is equal to the differential pressure and suction pressure gauge value; Motor pump matching may according to the requirements of the buyer, according to the actual proportion of medium choice, during commissioning, consideration should be given the power of the machine. If the actual reference small proportion of the medium, the proportion of medium in the trial operation, strictly control the valve opening, avoid motor overload or burned. When necessary, must contact with the pump manufacturer.
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