What are the generation of acid and alkali resistant stainless steel pump water hammer effect

by:J&T     2020-06-18
Resistance to acid and alkali liquid delivery, usually users when choosing stainless steel pump, in use process of the water hammer don't know how to handle, general component is stainless steel pump, stainless steel and stainless steel centrifugal water pump, magnetic pump has a vertical structure and horizontal structure, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel with, so how is the water hammer in use process, water hammer is what, what effect will produce water hammer? One, the water hammer effect: refers to when open the valve closed suddenly, due to the inertia of pressure flow, flow shock wave, and produce damage, which is of water conservancy & other; Water hammer effect & throughout; , that is, is water hammer. On the contrary, close the valve after suddenly opened, also can produce water hammer, called negative water hammer, have some damage, but they are not big. Second, to prevent water hammer way is to prevent the system from any sudden pressure changes. Include the closing of the valve itself a little slower or when close to the seat closure components provide a larger degree of tension and rigidity. To prevent pressure fluctuation, the valve should be closed at a uniform speed. In some cases, when using the quick opening feature, can ask to change the percentage of such characteristics. For control valves must throttle when close to the seat, should use large enough actuator output thrust, such as piston actuator or hydraulic actuators, or on the manual rotation manipulator trip casing set special gap, will reduce or prevent solvent effect of cylinder block. On a certain type of piping system volatility measures can also reduce water hammer. Can use pressure relief valve or buffer bucket. In addition to air, can be injected into the system of gas injection can reduce the density of fluid and provide certain compressibility to handle any sudden fluctuations. Usually, in close to closing suddenly closed element suction valve seat, called soluble cylinder closure effect. Soluble cylinder block effect is caused by low thrust actuator, the actuator does not have enough thrust to keep in close to the location of the seat, lead to the sudden closure of the pump or valve shut down suddenly, so as to produce water hammer effect. For control valves, in some cases, the fast flow characteristic of the valve type can also lead to water hammer effect. Although water hammer produced a lot of noise, but the real damage is caused by mechanical failure. Because by kinetic energy dramatically change into a static pipeline pressure, water hammer will break through the pipe bracket or damage and damage the pipeline joints. For valves, water hammer through severe vibration of the valve core it may lead to the failure of valve core, gaskets or fillers.
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