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by:J&T     2020-05-29

in the vacuum pump, vacuum pump oil not only as material for vacuum pump, and also has RunHua, cooling, and the effect of sealing machinery friction points. It is the most important performance of the vacuum pump oil. Because of the high vacuum water pump regulation vacuum values, general application Shi Laji grease narrow fractions. For the diffusion pump, but also can be applied to the synthesis of methyl silicone oil or other low vapor pressure oil.

vacuum pump chamber internal capacity continues to shift, generating the exhaust pipe, the vacuum pump oil should have suitable viscosity and viscosity-temperature characteristics, coupled with a steady development trend of high speed vacuum pump. Because of the vane and the pump shell in the middle of the high speed friction, oil temperature is high, the product is very easy to oxidation decomposition. Very much, vacuum pump generally work in high temperature environment in the work, it improved the vapor pressure of the system software and reduce the value of the vacuum. Therefore, superior causticizing reliability of the vacuum pump oil.

if the vacuum pump into the valve body is corrosion, it will reflect and etching with oil pump in the parts. Sucked into the general with steam and condensate in the air, which can cause a vacuum pump oil emulsification and metal corrosion. Therefore, superior corrosion resistance of the vacuum pump and demulsibility. Vacuum pump can not bring the light components, to prevent harm to the vacuum pump oil saturation vapor pressure. In order to avoid automatic exhaust valve of the gas into the vacuum pump, vacuum pump oil in relative velocity components ( Motor rotor and stator, rotor and rotor slot machine, etc. ) The effect of gap sealing from middle) 。

vacuum pump in the vacuum pump oil applied in changing after a period of time. Such as cracking, turn air oxidation, chemical changes caused by mechanical equipment ground stress transfer, caused by water vapor and the cold gas suspected the hydrolysis reaction of emulsion, caused by organic chemistry melting performance change, caused by dust accumulation increase viscosity, etc. In such cases, vacuum pump oil has been not consider vacuum pump all the provisions of the normal operation, causing high temperature embrittlement, starting difficult, pump, vacuum pump noise expanding condition. At this time, it is important to changing a new vacuum pump oil, immediately to ensure that all the normal operation of vacuum pump, increase the life of the pump.

is described in the interpretation of the effect of vacuum pump oil, the expectation can have certain help to you, if you want to grasp a lot about the basic information of the rotary-vane vacuum pump oil, extended a warm welcome to the online consultancy service.

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