What are the circulation chemical pump pipe road layout requirements?

by:J&T     2020-06-22
Circulation chemical pump is commonly used in the production of chemical anticorrosive pump, chemical pump is in the form of vertical, horizontal, centrifugal, imbibition, and so on, pump in use when installation should pay attention to what, piping layout what are the requirements? A way of piping layout arrangement of pump, pump and there are three: outdoor layout, half open layout and interior decoration: interior decoration: in cold or more sand pump can be decorated indoors. If requirement process equipment layout in indoor, its pump should also be in indoor decorate. Outdoor layout: outdoor layout pump, usually concentrate in the bottom of the pipe rack and confused side, can also be scattered arrangement near by a suction device. Its advantage is well ventilated, easy operation and maintenance; Outdoor layout: half open layout pump suitable for rainy area, general arrangement of pump at the bottom of the pipe rack, pipe set upper canopy above us. Or will pump arrangement in the lower floors of the architecture, architecture platform as the canopy. The pump can be according to the requirements related to water pump design layout, the pump is decorated into a single row, double row or multiple rows; Second, the pump pipeline design layout of specific requirements are as follows: 1, the rows of pump should be in accordance with the requirements of fire prevention, operating conditions and material properties group arrangement; open, half open layout; Operating temperature is equal to or higher than that of spontaneous combustion point combustible liquid pump should be centralized layout; With the operating temperature is lower than spontaneous combustion point between combustible liquid water pump should be not less than 4. 5 m fire separation; With liquid hydrocarbon pump should be not less than 7. 5 m fire separation; 2, pump, double row layout, relative two rows of pump power end, should be in the middle for maintenance channel; Transportation extremely harmful substances ( Such as propylene hydrocyanic acid, etc. ) and other pump room should be separated; 3, pump decorated indoors, two rows of pump clearance should not be less than 2 m. or pump clear distance between side wall and shall meet the requirements of operation and maintenance and should not be less than lm; Vertical pump arrangement under the competent gallery below or architecture, the above should be set aside the space required for the pump body installation and maintenance; 4, common spare pump should be set in the intermediate position of the corresponding water pump; 5, in addition to the installation based on the joint of small pump, the clear distance between the two pump should not be less than zero. 7米; 6, pump arrangement under the head of gallery, or lateral, pump area channel width is 2 m, small, clear height of 3 m in front of the pump end operation channel width, should not be less than 1 m; 7 rows layout, pump, pump should be set out. Population center line of alignment, or the pump side edge alignment; 8, pump arrangement under the pipe rack, or lateral, whether single or double row, pump and drive the centerline should be vertical to the pipe rack trend; 9, pump foundation surface should be 200 mm above the ground. Small is not less than 100 mm; When the filter is installed in front of the pump suction, pump base height should consider filters can be convenient to clean and tear open outfit; Fire water pump room should be double power source; Three, consideration should be given to the layout of the pipeline pump flexible design requirements. 1, in order to prevent the pump stopping material impact, the outlet pipe of the pump should be set on the check. Check valve should be located in the cut-off valve, before after parking will cut off the valve closed, lest the check valve disc compression of long-term damage. 2, the pump body should not bear the weight of import and export of tube and valve, thus into the pump before and after the pump pipeline must be set to support device, as far as possible do pump to move without temporary support as well. 3, suction pipe should be as short as possible, little corner, and avoid sudden narrow diameter. 4, the diameter of the suction pipe should not be less than the inlet of the pump. When the pump inlet is horizontal direction should configure eccentric reducer, the pump suction for the vertical direction, concentric reducer can be configured.
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