What are the chemical anticorrosive pump maintenance measures

by:J&T     2020-06-25
Chemical anti-corrosion pumps in industrial production is a common water pump, the pump is used long problems and failure is inevitable, that from time to tome what measures are in maintenance, anti-corrosion pump equipment technical state after degradation or failure, to restore its function and maintenance, including all types of planned and unplanned maintenance maintenance breakdown maintenance and accident. Chemical pump equipment basic content including: maintenance of equipment maintenance, equipment inspection, equipment repair and replacement. A, chemical anti-corrosion pump maintenance type 1, fault maintenance: after work to have obvious after fault occurs in the equipment maintenance strategy, the measures is the damage of equipment or components removed for repair or update. Features: (1) the high cost of maintenance and a waste of time, delay the normal production. (2) reserve all kinds of spare parts for replacement; Equipped with more maintenance man to deal with maintenance. 2, regular preventive maintenance: according to the predetermined time interval to the scene for repair, before the major failure of equipment for repair or replacement. Features: (1) the maintenance of maintenance costs than after the accident to save. (2) maintenance interval schedule undeserved, can cause too much unnecessary maintenance. 3, state monitoring maintenance: equipment on the basis of the actual working condition, through the equipment of the monitoring results. Depending on the mechanical vibration, bearing temperature, operation noise to decide whether to repair the anomaly. If a selected parameters reached the predetermined threshold, will stop device, so as to avoid more serious accidents. Features: (1) clear goal of maintenance, high production efficiency. (2) must purchase the corresponding testing equipment, as well as to the personnel training, etc. Second, the standard 1 preventive maintenance program, daily inspection work content (1) check whether the water pump discharge pressure is normal. (2) check the pump noise and vibration, bearing temperature during operation. (3) pump body and examine whether the accessory pipeline leakage. (4) check the coupling guard is loose. 5. Check the oil amount, seal cooling water. 6. Keep the equipment clean. 7 if discovery is unusual, report scheduling. 2, monthly preventive maintenance program (1) determine the preventive maintenance work on a monthly basis. (2) for detecting state numerical water pump and statistical analysis, analysis of the trend of equipment running status. (3) check the repair history. 3, monthly preventive maintenance program (1) determine the preventive maintenance work on a monthly basis. (2) for detecting state numerical pump and statistical analysis, analysis of the trend of equipment running status. (3) check the repair history. 4, quarterly preventive maintenance program (1) check the pump and motor to neutral, must be in the axial of less than 0. 05mm; In the view of must be less than zero. 05mm。 (2) statistical quarterly equipment running status data, analysis of equipment operation. (3) equipment failure analysis report. (4) pump cervix thickness. 5, preventive maintenance program (1) to confirm the centrifugal pump each year preventive maintenance work. (2) combining with quarterly equipment status data table, the planned maintenance equipment maintenance: 6, the disintegration of the pump body inspection, visual inspection pump casing corrosion and mechanical damage, according to the pump casing corrosion or mechanical damage degree to decide whether to repair or replacement; Check the friction ring corrosion and wear, measuring clearance, if excessive clearance, should be replaced; Check the pump shaft, corrosion, wear and deformation of key; Check the bearing, check whether there is any sign of metal fatigue on inner and outer ring and ball. Check whether there is any corrosion and wear on the impeller, and presence of cavitation phenomenon; Check the lock nut, carefully check the thread; Replacement of mechanical seals; Check the shaft sleeve, if fit clearance is too large, or to replace damaged on surface. Three, bearing grease maintenance and lubrication of the bearing should be equipment downtime during implementation of the plan, and added on a regular basis. Rid of the old oil, before joining the new grease injection nozzle should be wiped clean. After cleaning, supplement the same type of fresh oil. Inside the shell grease filling quantity: a third - 2/3. Use requirement: 1, lubricating oil replacement replacement fresh oil to wash oil. Oil change, should ensure that the replacement with new and old the same type of lubricating oil, adding the meet the requirements of oil level. Must be strictly triple filter. Replacement cycle: use the lubrication system of oil bath type, if the oil temperature below 60 ℃, and no pollution of lubricating oil, lubricating oil a year once. If the oil temperature at 60 100 ℃, the need to replace four times a year of lubricating oil. 2, lubricating oil check 1) Check the oil level of lubricating oil and oil. 2) Check lubricating oil: if the sample seems cloud-like, oil emulsion. Sample cheng dark color or thick, then may say lubricating oil has already started to carbonization.
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