What are the causes of leakage of the valve closed? How to solve

by:J&T     2020-06-17
Valve is a common equipment in the production, chemical water pump configuration, pipeline installation, all need the valve, the valve in the closed weakly in use process will be very troublesome, valve gland leakage is usually called leaked, called shut down a drain. Close a leak, inside the valve, it is not easy to find. Close a leak, can be divided into two kinds: one kind is leak sealing surface, another kind is seal leak root. A, the causes of leakage are: 1, the sealing surface grinding well; Cooperate to be not strictly sealing ring and valve seat and valve disc; 2, some of the sealing surface and USES threaded coupling between the seat, disc, easy to produce the oxygen concentration cell, loose corrosion; Because of impurities such as embedded welding slag, rust, dust, or mechanical parts in the production system off plug valve core, valve cannot be locked. 3, disc and stem connection is not strong; Stem bend torsion, make up and shut down a wrong; 4, close too fast, bad sealing surface contact or already damaged; Improper material selection, cannot endure the corrosion of the medium; 5, the cut-off valve, gate valve used for adjusting. Seal face cannot endure the erosion of the high-speed flow medium; Cooling after some medium, close the valve, make the seal face in thin seam, also produces erosion phenomenon; Second, the prevention measures are: 1, choose the valve, not only want to consider the corrosion resistance of the body, and to consider closing a corrosion resistance; According to structure characteristics of the valve, correct use, need to adjust the flow of components regulating valve should be used; 2, before use must carefully pressure leak test, found that the sealing surface leakage or seal leaking roots, to deal with again after use; 3, to check the valve parts in advance, can not use stem bend torsion or disc and stem connection not valves; Valve shut to make steady effort and don't make MengJin, found between the sealing surface contact is bad or if there is any block, should immediately open a bit, let the debris flow, and then carefully shut; 4, to close the valve after cooling medium and temperature difference is bigger, then the valve shut up after cooling; The seat, disc and seal adopts screw connection, can make thread between packing with ptfe tape, make it no gap; Is likely to fall into the impurities of the valve, should add filter in front of the valve.
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