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by:J&T     2020-07-01

this is produced by the pressure differential between the vacuum and air force. Due to the uniformity of the pressure in the mechanical energy, the vacuum device was used for grain, more flour and feed industry. Installed in the end of the transmission system of vacuum air water pump ( Vacuum water pump) Used in the pumping system in air, thereby formed in duct is lower than the atmospheric pressure of negative pressure air flow, and material from starting the nozzle with the atmosphere into the pipe, air is sent to the end of the separator. Material particles separated from air by gravity and centrifugal force, and the gas dust removal, and then through the green environmental protection of the vacuum water pump or centrifugal fan emissions into the atmosphere.

vacuum conveying equipment is mainly used for grain in the grain processing industry. It can be placed in the port, wharf, bin or save point of bulk material, the material is pumping up and to the receiver such as bin, to ship used to transport bulk materials. Vehicles, etc. No special modification, is in the food and grain transport bulk materials ideal equipment in the system. It can realize long-distance vertical transportation, and easy to operate. Reliable performance, dust-free operation, transmission loss of the material handling is small, high work efficiency. With small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, convenient installation, low noise, no vibration, the advantages of convenient maintenance. Using negative pressure conveying methods for processing and processing can improve the working environment of various food facilities, reduce the wear and tear of dust on the equipment, to protect operators from dust of harm to the body, prevent the occurrence of dust explosion, and reduce the surrounding environment. Dust pollution. It has huge social and environmental benefits.

as early as in 1958, Shanghai and changsha began to test the vacuum food grain machine to save the ship. In the food industry, for example, China has more than 1000 mills use vacuum transportation, port use vacuum transportation has reached 200 tons/hour. As a new transmission technology, vacuum conveying is expected to get further development in the field of adaptable.

vacuum conveyor has the following characteristics:

1. The device has simple structure, manufacturing, processing, installation is convenient, control of low cost, short construction time. Vacuum conveying system is the main component of steel plate welded structure. It is composed of pipe and tank. The relative motion between components and maintenance easier. If installed some control equipment, it's easy to realize automation.

2。 High transmission efficiency, no return transportation equipment. Other transport vehicle's disadvantage is that the means of transport have empty return space, and transport medium is used for the carriage of vacuum air, and only need to in a terminal emissions into the atmosphere. In the process of transportation, can be continuous feeding port, realize continuous transport.

3。 Good health condition. Transporting materials in vacuum, will run in the pipeline, pipeline in negative pressure condition, the dust will not leak and flying, and the material will not float in the sky and pollute the environment. In the process of transportation, can also perform intermediate processing, such as sorting and drying. If material transportation under negative pressure, because the water evaporate easily under negative pressure, even if they don't use other drying methods, high moisture materials in the process of transportation will have certain drying effect, and the material weight of material particles will be different. Can design appropriate material port to classified material.

4。 In addition, the vacuum pipeline according to local conditions makes the pipes easier to install the pipe network, flexible layout is simple, can make full use of the site area, easy to adapt to the working environment.

vacuum transportation of power consumption of the main problem is big and transportation distance is restricted. For the material to suction size, shape and physical properties have certain requirements. It is not suitable for conveying viscosity and viscous material. Don't need to input a charged powder. The whole system should be air tight, and to do it completely is more difficult. Is suitable for use vacuum transportation needs to fully consider economic benefit.

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