Weathering steel is steel, do you know?

by:J&T     2020-07-01
We often see this kind of material, the surface rust, look very rough and fuzzy uncertainty between yellow and brown color, how see how feel ugly, that's right: it is the new web celebrity steel materials in recent years - - - - - - - Weathering steel. Both the landscape and architecture, we can all see it, but on weathering steel, do you really understand it? Principle: an overview, weathering steel, weathering steel weathering steel and corrosion resistant steel, steel, colton is between ordinary steel and stainless steel series of low alloy steel, under natural climate weathering steel with niobium, molybdenum, phosphorus, and weather elements such as titanium, steel material between the rust layer and substrate, forming a dense layer of oxide layer, as a result of the existence of the oxide film layer, prevent the oxygen in the atmosphere and water infiltration to the steel matrix, and slow down the corrosion to steel material further development, so as to improve the ability of resistance to atmospheric corrosion, resistance to atmospheric corrosion for 2 ~ 5 times that of ordinary carbon steel. The development course of weathering steel, weathering steel at the beginning of the research and development, is as a kind of material is applied to the industrial building, ships, railways, and other fields, a study on weathering steel is the United States, colton steel originated in North America, are widely used in railway car, container and bridge. Weathering steel, weathering steel, material property process and two categories: as a generation of advanced steel materials, has outstanding visual expression, weathering steel and use time more long, corrosion resistant effect more outstanding, the steel corrosion of rough surface, volume and quality to make the structure more rich, it's special is that exposure to the natural environment, with the passage of time, the surface corrosion protective layer, no paint protection, material life more than in 80, the sound is very severe. But if you don't deal with, rusting reaction will continue, steel plate will be bad to wear, so you have to let him stay in a particular stage, then how to do. Already mentioned above, weathering steel plate surface has a layer of red rust protective film, prevent corrosion to the spread and development of protective rust layer below the substrate, to reduce the corrosion speed, so this layer of protective film is how? More common is & ndash; — Rust stabilization process, rust stabilization treatment in its surface, with chemical methods ( Rust liquid) , make its produce rust stabilization of skin membrane, is a kind of the outflow of rust inhibition of steel used in the early, stabilization. Main stages as follows: a phase: authentic weathering steel has grown a little rust, ordinary steel rust is relatively loose, part hair appear even off the scale of poor rust treatment. Rust and two stages: authentic weathering steel rust water less, less rust is thick; Ordinary steel rust water more, larger rust is thin thin; Ordinary steel rust column, the tears is more serious, there is black mark at the bottom of the workpiece. Rust and the third stage: the authenticity of the density of the weathering steel has a clear rust nuclear layer, tight adhesion between rust protective layer, almost don't wipe off rust by hand; Ordinary steel rust is more, even the whole piece of skin peeling rust, rust. Authentic weathering steel is more reddish brown, ordinary steel plate is more dark. Three common form of tubing, plank: pipe is hollow tubular steel, commonly used in bearing structure, such as corridor, beam, column, etc. Wire: cold-drawn round steel wire after processing products and get less than 8 mm, high speed wire rod, also known as barrier can be compiled into a net in the landscape, for through sculpture, sketch, have adornment effect. 4, rusting processing color changes of weathering steel common product types are divided into: profiles, sheet, pipe, wire section four categories: steel refers to determine the section shape and the length and cross-section area Zhou Changzhi than considerable straight strip steel. Plate: when the size of the steel can't meet the ticket, or manufacturing large-sized structures, requires the plank to making use of weathering steel materials. Punching weathering steel sheet is a kind of distinctive modelling, unique texture and visual effect. Five, the weathering steel construction and modern weathering steel building curtain wall installation node ( 3毫米) Similar to aluminum plate wall installation at present, thick layer ( 5 mm and above) Weathering steel curtain wall use unit more plugins. Landscape and some simple device, use the welding process directly. All need to pay attention to the following: 1. Welding point corrosion: welding point of oxidation rate must be the same and other materials, it need special welding material and technology. 2. Water erosion, weathering steel, not stainless steel, if there is water in concave of weathering steel, the corrosion rate of the department will be faster, so must be prepared to drainage. 3. Air environment: rich in salt weathering steel is sensitive to Hawaii this air environment is rich in salt. In such an environment, surface protective film can prevent internal further oxidation. 4. Rub off: the rust layer of weathering steel surface can make it become rusty nearby surfaces.
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