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Ways to Reduce the Noise of Water Pump

Ways to Reduce the Noise of Water Pump


Water Pump noise is mainly the aerodynamic noise produced by gas or liquid in the transportation process, the structure noise of the motor casing excited by vibration, the noise of the machine base due to vibration, and the noise of the motor. This type of noise level peak is mainly concentrated in the low octave band, approximately in the range of 100-450 Hz. The sound source is steady-state noise when the pump room is operating normally. Pipeline noise refers to the noise generated when water flows in the pipeline. In addition, the cavitation phenomenon of the water pump and the water hammer phenomenon when the pump is stopped can also produce instantaneous noise. The noise generated by the water supply pipeline is affected by the flow rate and pressure.


The noise generated by the whole set of pump room facilities is mainly mechanical noise. At present, the method of controlling noise in acoustic principles is more commonly used to control the propagation path of noise, mainly including sound insulation, sound absorption, and sound elimination. Sound insulation is the use of sound insulation structure to separate the sound source from the sound receiving point; sound absorption is the use of sound absorbing structure or sound absorbing materials to reduce noise; noise reduction is the use of impedance, resistance, porous diffusion and other principles to reduce the value of noise.


Noise control measures should be based on acoustic principles and make full use of the site environment and conditions. Such as:


1. According to the environment of the pump room, soundproof the pump room where the sound source is not tightly enclosed, adopt sound absorption/sound insulation treatment for the room where noise is generated in the pump room, and soundproof the doors and windows.


2. Control the noise generated by machinery equipment and equipment parts. The foundation of the new pump room should be heavy to prevent vibration and noise. , And should be equipped with rubber vibration isolation pads for vibration isolation, thereby reducing vibration noise; each pump unit has a separate foundation to prevent resonance. Use "soft" connections as much as possible on the pump suction and pressure pipes. Regular maintenance. If problems such as water leakage in packing, loose equipment parts, serious wear of equipment parts, and mechanical vibrations occur, they should be repaired in time to reduce noise.


Because different water pump suppliers and types of water pumps have different working principles and structures, site survey and analysis of noise sources are very important for the design of the sound insulation and noise reduction scheme of the pump room and the selection of materials.


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