Water ring vacuum pumps use the matters needing attention of _

by:J&T     2020-06-29

to buy a lot of pump manufacturers are currently used water ring vacuum pump, also consulted us a lot about the problem of water ring vacuum pump. Today we will introduce to you a water ring vacuum pumps use the matters needing attention.

1, the water ring vacuum pump must be installed in a horizontal, based on the pipeline connection to avoid too much pressure, the height of the vacuum pump exhaust line in vertical direction to reduce as far as possible, exhaust pipes must not vertical height more than 0. 5 meters! ! !

2, vacuum pump after installation note, the concentricity of the coupling to prevent bearing or coupling damage caused by the concentricity is not high.

3, water ring vacuum pump to avoid water frequently.

4, in the installation phase of the vacuum pump to the pump inlet protection, avoid welding slag or other material into the pump ( Vacuum pump before the installation, should to purge line) ; In the first run of pump in 100 hours, should drive in inspiratory mouth add filter. Connected to the suction vent pipe size to pump inlet size.

5, water ring vacuum pump working liquid water shoulds not be too great pressure, should be higher than that of exhaust pressure 0. 1 to 0. It is advisable to 2 kg ( Except for compressor) , pressure is too high will cause damage to the impeller and motor overload. Working liquid use demineralized water as far as possible, if the working liquid hardness is too high, must regularly to descaling pump, otherwise it will lead to pump damage.

6, open the water supply line to the vacuum pump start before you wet shaft seal; Inching motor, determine the motor to correct before you start the vacuum pump.

7, water ring vacuum pump when use should pay attention to whether the working liquid smoke gas and used by the match the pump material; Working liquid demineralized water shall be clean, not containing solid particles.

8, in the frost season or when used in a cold district, liquid emptying after parking inside the water pump should be work.

9, reach - by using vacuum degree 0. 092 mpa, should open the cavitation on the vacuum pump valve protection device.

10, water ring vacuum pump after the operation, pay attention to every 15 - Check the bearing oiling in 30 days, prevent damage of bearing for lack of oil.

11, in the process of vacuum pump operation, if the abnormal situation stop immediately, and contact the supplier.

said in many, not as good as action. In the process of using water ring vacuum pump problem must be timely contact after sales.

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