Water ring vacuum pump working principle and basic types and characteristics

by:J&T     2020-07-02

water ring vacuum pump is the most common type of liquid ring vacuum pump. Liquid ring vacuum pump is with multiple rotor blade, eccentric is installed in the pump housing. Thrown with rotation, the liquid in the pump shell, and the formation and the liquid ring pump casing concentric, liquid ring. The rotor blades form a variable volume pump variable volume. When the working fluid is water, weighing water ring vacuum pump.

the water ring pump is mainly used to smoke in the process of the thick smoke and large. It has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, pharmaceutical and food industry, such as vacuum filter, vacuum feed, vacuum concentration, vacuum degassing, etc.

the limit of single stage water ring vacuum pump pressure for 8 to 2 x 103 Pa, the limit of two stage water ring vacuum pump pressure is 1 x 102 Pa, emissions to zero. From 25 to 500 m3 / H.

1, the working principle of water ring vacuum pump

2 water ring vacuum pump impeller in the pump body 1 water ring rotates in the studio 3 and 5. Water ring round form a crescent-shaped space with work. The right half of the volume of tooth shape from small to large, increase form a suction chamber. The volume of the left half moon teeth from large to small is reduced, which constitutes the compression process ( Equivalent to the exhaust chamber) 。 Pumping gas from tracheal 8 and 4 into the suction chamber inlet. The rotor rotate to further compressed gas, and through the vent line 6 and trachea to leave. Discharge of gas and water droplets from tracheal passage 7 into the tank 10, at this time, gas and water separation, gas through the pipeline 9 emissions into the atmosphere, water through the water entering the pump tank or through pipes 11 into the drainage facilities.

water ring vacuum pump compression ratio depends on the pump suction mouth terminal position and vent the starting position. Because the end of the suction mouth position determines the inhaling indoor inspiratory capacity, the beginning of the vent position determines the amount of compression in the process of exhaust gas. For water ring vacuum water pump with prescribed structure size, compression ratio can be determined.

2, types and basic characteristics of water ring vacuum water pump

water ring vacuum pumps can be divided into several types according to different structure:

( 1) Single stage was a water ring vacuum pump: single-stage said only one impeller. Single action refers to every revolution of the impeller, suction and exhaust is executed at a time. The limiting vacuum pump has higher, but the pump speed and low efficiency.

( 2) Single stage water ring vacuum pumps with double acting: single-stage refers to only one impeller, double-acting refers to when the impeller rotating once, twice suction and exhaust. Under the same pumping speed, the size and weight of the water ring vacuum pumps with double acting are much smaller than monoculture of water ring vacuum pump. Because the studio in pump hub of bilateral symmetry distribution, so the effect on the rotor load is improved. This type of pump with high pumping speed and higher efficiency, lower but ultimate vacuum.

( 3) Two stage water ring vacuum pump: two stage water ring vacuum pump is mainly composed of single pump series. In essence, two single stage was a water ring vacuum pump impeller Shared a spindle. Its main characteristic is under high vacuum and stable working conditions with large pumping speed.

( 4) Atmospheric water ring vacuum pump: atmospheric water ring vacuum pump in fact is a unit of air jet water ring series. Series water ring vacuum pump and the atmospheric pressure pump in the front of the pump, in order to increase the ultimate vacuum and expand the scope of its use.

compared with other types of mechanical vacuum water pump, water ring vacuum pump has the following advantages:

( 1) Simple structure, manufacturing precision is not high, easy to processing. Easy to operate and easy to maintain.

( 2) Compact structure, pump usually directly connected to the motor, high revolutions. With the structure of the small size, large displacement can be obtained.

( 3) No metal friction pump cavity surface, no lubrication pump. Both fixed and rotating components components between the seal can be through the water seal directly.

( 4) indoor compressed gas temperature change is small, can be thought of as isothermal compression, so it can remove inflammable and explosive gas.

( 5) Because there is no exhaust doors and friction surface, so it can remove dust, gas condensable gas and water mixture.

water ring vacuum pump also has its disadvantages:

( 1) Low efficiency, usually about 30%, the best is as high as 50%.

( 2) The vacuum degree is low. This is not only due to the structure limits, and more importantly, due to the vapor pressure of the working fluid.

usually, water ring vacuum pump has a wide range of advantages, for example, the isothermal compression and water seal, they can remove inflammable, explosive and corrosive gas, also can remove gas containing dust and moisture. The application.

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