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by:J&T     2020-06-29
What is the working principle of water ring vacuum pump unit

anti-corrosion type water ring vacuum unit by the vacuum pump ( Also known as mechanical booster pump) As the main pump ( Including middle pump) Composition, and water ring pump is a pump the previous claim to the unit. The product has high ultimate vacuum ( Level 1) 。 Ultimate vacuum of 150 pa, limiting vacuum level is as high as 25 pa, limiting vacuum level 3 up to 1 pa) 。

of course, you can also customize non-standard industrial pump multi-stage complete sets of equipment, to adapt to the higher application field, and corrosion resistance and anti-corrosion options.

water ring vacuum water pump can be used to send no solid particles of the air, corrosive gas, also can be used for vacuum conveying various suspension or crystallization of organic or inorganic acid ( Except hypochlorous acid and hydrofluoric acid) 。 Get higher vacuum degree in an airtight container.

vacuum unit can complete the operation of the vacuum unit, and the chemical acid of recovery of organic solvent under the condition of complete function, thus improve the economic benefit and reducing the environment and water pollution.

electrical contacts vacuum machine - — According to different vacuum automatic opening and closing, effectively protect the clicked electric equipment, improve the working efficiency.

gas liquid separator - — Both a liquid cooling and gas condensate, in order to prevent the secondary evaporation of artifacts, reduce the degree of vacuum, and ensure that the vacuum degree of vacuum system is stable.

working fluid - — Can be used with water, and recovered solvents can also be used to in an airtight operation under the condition of the entire system, and can effectively recycling organic solvent.

in order to reduce environmental pollution, machines, water ring pump, pump, separator, condenser, pipe fittings and other accessories are made of anti-corrosion materials.

it is widely used in chemical production, vacuum distillation, refining, drying unit operations.

water ring vacuum water pump what circumstance to add equipment of affiliated fittings

corrosion resistant water ring vacuum pump is a combination of technology such as corrosion resistant material and high vacuum. Custom design stage water ring vacuum unit, has the corrosion and corrosion protection.

can be used for pumping water ring vacuum pump device without solid particles of the air, corrosive gas, also can be used for vacuum conveying various suspension or crystallization of organic or inorganic acid ( Except hypochlorous acid and hydrofluoric acid) 。 Get higher vacuum degree in an airtight container.

water ring vacuum pump need other equipment can be used in the following cases:

( 1) The defendant has absorb the dust from the air or gas, filter must be installed on the trachea.

( 2) When pumping gas contains a large amount of steam, condenser must be installed on the trachea.

( 3) When removing corrosive gas, need to neutralize before entering the pump.

( 4) When pumping gas temperature more than 35 ° C, it must be after condensing unit can enter into the pump, to ensure that the temperature is not more than 35 ° C.

( 5) When pumping gas contains large amounts of fluid, it must be installed in the front of the trachea.

( 6) Water ring vacuum pump is usually several times the rated current of the motor starting current, must use the starter switch.

why water ring vacuum pump water injection

water ring vacuum pump in daily operations, if use undeserved, it is easy to cause damage of equipment. For one thing, why do you want to add water ring vacuum pump?

water ring vacuum pump during operation need liquid as working fluid, and basically choose water as working fluid.

water ring vacuum pump when the impeller rotates clockwise, the water will be the impeller. Due to the centrifugal force, water formed by water ring vacuum pump to determine the pump cavity shape, the shape of approximately equal to the thickness of a closed circle. The inner surface of the lower part of water ring with the impeller wheel tangent, and water ring area on the surface contact with just the tip of the blade, the impeller wheel hub with a crescent-shaped space formed between 020, the space by the impeller is divided into equal to the number of small cavity.

if the lower part of water ring vacuum pump impeller of 0 °, is in front of the rotating impeller is 180 °, the volume of a small cavity will be growing up, and at the end of the suction mouth connected to face. At this point, the gas is inhaled. Breathe in, after the completion of the small isolated from inspiratory mouth cavity; When the impeller to rotate, small cavity is becoming more and more small, compressing the gas. When the cavity connected with the vent, the gas is expelled outside the vacuum pump

when water cut, water ring vacuum pump efficiency will be reduced, thus increasing the energy consumption and an increase in operating costs.

the role of the working fluid is not only used to extract gas, also can reduce the temperature of pump body. Working fluid was far below the normal level, this will increase the heat generated by the pump body of water ring vacuum water pump, it will reduce the durability of water ring vacuum pump and increase maintenance costs.

as a result, the water ring vacuum pump in the running process should maintain the normal working level, which is beneficial to the normal operation of the water ring vacuum pump, also helps to maintain and reduce cost.

in the process of water ring vacuum pump, all kinds of problems are likely to happen, but in the end, our understanding of the device itself is not enough thoroughly, otherwise very easy to avoid some problems.

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