Water ring vacuum pump repair of pump shaft and end cover fault -

by:J&T     2020-07-02

in normal use process, if you use the incorrect method, will happen some losses, should not be a problem. Water ring vacuum pump equipment of water pump shaft and the end cover is relatively easy to appear problem, is very important for the operation of the water ring vacuum pump equipment. Once appear problem, the normal use of water ring vacuum water pump equipment will be affected.

1。 Generally speaking, 45 # steel water pump shaft. Install the seal shaft neck sustained hardness of 45 High frequency quenching of 50 HRC. In use process, can cause damage to the pump shaft, such as the journal wear, keyway rolling, bending, etc.

repair water ring vacuum pump, seal shaft neck slight covered and wear, usable fine emery cloth or sisal polishing carefully. When wear more than 0. 15 mm, could chromium plating, and then grinding to the specified size. About the curve calibration, please refer to the centrifugal pump shaft repair. If severely damaged, can't will be repaired, and can be replaced a new shaft and rotor.

2。 Water ring vacuum pump repair end cover: end cover is made from cast iron, very practical. Due to the motion, the shaft rotor end face is not vertical, etc. Reason and likely end cover scratches or wear. End cover surface flatness is beyond the scope of tolerance.

repair, check the end cover surface roughness, cutting ruler on the end cover plane, the blade feet between the end cover and insert the feeler, and straightness instead of flatness. When love aircraft suffered minor injuries, can use a sharpening stone and emery cloth. When the end cover surface wear more than 0. 02 mm, can be in surface grinding machine grinding method to repair.

although water ring vacuum pump of the pump shaft and the end cover is made of better quality raw materials, but do not wear will change during use. When a fault occurs during, should a professional personage to repair operation, to ensure better use of water ring vacuum pump equipments.

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