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by:J&T     2020-05-16

the principle of water ring vacuum pumps everyone know, is a gas by tube via a gate into the water ring pump or compressor, then the 'air inlet liquid separator in elbow, bullishness of liquid separator exhaust steam pipe line. Water ring vacuum water pump manufacturing industries widely used, such as electronics, rechargeable batteries, chemical, plastic, papermaking industry, printing and packaging, route version of the press, CNC, protect the oil, pharmaceuticals, food and so on various manufacturing industries, key processing technology with vacuum filter, vacuum diversion channels, vacuum feed, vacuum evaporation, vacuum extraction, vacuum the tide and vacuum degassing, so water ring vacuum pump under the condition of the choose and buy should pay attention to what problem? Nots allow to ignore the key summary at the bottom of the eight main parameters:

1, water ring vacuum pump pressure in their work, should be able to drain out vacuum equipment processing technology in the whole process of all gas volume.

2, for the selected by pumping gas relative water ring vacuum pump. With steam, particulate matter, such as gas and corrosive gas, should be considered at the inlet of the pump installation auxiliary machinery and equipment, such as cooler, dust removal equipment, etc.

3, water ring vacuum pump work pressure should consider the limiting vacuum of vacuum equipment and work pressure. General pick limiting vacuum pump vacuum to high vacuum equipment work for one and a half to an order of magnitude.

4, water ring vacuum pump work when vibration caused by the whole process of processing technology and the natural environment have harm, if processing process does not allow, should choose no vibration of the vacuum pump or by earthquake countermeasures.

5, vacuum equipment to the rules of the oil pollution of the environment. If machinery and equipment strictly management and oily be soiled, should take all kinds of oil water pump. If rules are not strict, can choose oil pump, add some countermeasures of oil pollution of the environment.

6, water ring vacuum pump to remove the oil vapor harm to natural environment. If the pollution of the environment is not permitted in the natural environment, can choose no oil and water ring vacuum pump, or the oil vapor into the outdoors.

7, water ring vacuum pump properly. Some of the water ring vacuum pump can not work under atmospheric pressure, must be pre vacuum; Some inward and outward pressure less than atmospheric pressure, must be in front of the pump, so have to pump application form.

8, the price of water ring vacuum pumps, operation and maintenance costs.

water ring vacuum pump type selection is very important, the appropriate model selection can achieve high efficiency and saving energy, many customers import water ring vacuum pump with the domestic water ring vacuum pump for comparison, if economic development permit conditions can choose and buy of German brand, overseas technical relativity is better, but both imported water ring vacuum pump and the domestic water ring vacuum water pump if economic development and the main parameters such as rules itself that is the best.

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